YR Spoiler; Thursday, November 12th

Elena thanks Nate for meeting her at the apartment – don’t leave GC. You’ll have your job back at GCM soon – and Lily. Devon will forgive you in time. Nate might not be able to forgive HIM. What about your friends? Elena continues – and your work at the clinic? Nate’s not sure why it’s so important to her that he stick around. I don’t want to lose you, Elena admits.

Sharon came to me – only to ask about who shot me because Rey’s investigating the case, Adam hates that Chelsea overheard him telling Rey that he was Sharon’s true love. He takes repsonsibility for everything and wants to work it out. You think this is fixable? After everything you’ve done to me??? Chelsea’s horrified.

You had me held hostage so I couldn’t stop you from hurting or maybe killing your Father! Is Chelsea expected to believe Adam’s rage just disappeared?

When Jack arrives at Society, Lauren summons him over to ask his permission to hire a Jabot employee to run JVC. Who is it? Jack sits, all ears.

You’re the one who said we’re better off apart, Summer reminds. Kyle doesn’t believe that – or that Summer’s over him. I love you dammit. My Father just asked me if I was willing to fight for our relationship. The answer? Yes. Do you still love me? he asks.

Let me know if there’s any changes, Abby ends a call as Devon arrives at CL’s for an update on Chance. Mariah runs over to change the topic to Abby marrying Chance. She has an amazing idea – Devon should get ordained so they can pull GC’s fourth pillar of GC society into this big day. Abby thinks it a great idea.

Elena’s not sure what she’s saying. She hasn’t given up on Devon – and don’t read into this. Nate’s not – but we’re not talking about Devon; we’re talking about you and me. OK, Elena admits he’s right – there’s something between us. I do have feelings for you and it scares me to death.

Nate just wants things to go back to the way they were – for now. He’ll agree to stay in GC if Elena will come back to the clinic. Agreeing, she has to get back to the hospital. Let’s go, Nate leads the way.

Back at CL’s, Devon recalls Kay getting ordained to perform a ceremony once. Abby excuses herself to take a call from the hospital.

Adam claims that Chance taking a bullet for him has brought him to his senses. If he hadn’t gotten shot, would Victor be alive right now? Chelsea has to ask. Adam just wants Chelsea to forgive and trust him.

Kyle can’t let go – he’s willing to fight for Summer – but she has to want it too. Of course I still love you, Summer tears up.

At GCM, Elena updates Abby that Chance’s fever broke – she can’t see him now, but soon (which means as soon as the coast is clear to Abby)

Summer needs a bit of time to be sure. Take all the time you need, Kyle will be there when she’s ready. Leaving the boardroom, he runs into Sally. I’ve been looking for you, she smiles.

Theo’s summoned Brittney Hodges to Society to discuss contesting Dina’s will.

The doctors say you’re going to be fine – but you have to stop scaring me, Abby sniffles. Wake up before I plan this wedding all by myself. Come back to me, she’s relieved when he awakens to murmur – plan away. After what happened, the sooner Chance can marry Abby the better.

Chelsea hears the sincerity in Adam’s voice but is still shellshocked. And I’m a suspect too, she adds. Adam thinks he knows who tried to shoot him; someone who hates me and has tried to kill me before – Billy Abbott.

Next Week: Lauren’s with Summer; I have an offer for you and it’s a game-changer … Your little girl had a rough night with a bottle of vodka, Phyllis tattles to Nick (as Faith looks ill on a park bench) You’re asking for permission to marry my daughter? Victor asks. No Sir, Chance replies (still recovering in bed) … What’s wrong? Lily asks. I think I might need a lawyer, Billy looks nervous (Amanda looks surprised)