Friday, November 13th, 2020

This spoiler is certified 90% proofread-free!

Flashing back to the moment before he was shot, Chance awakens with a start to joke about Abby watching him drool in his sleep. Go shop for a wedding dress; the moment he’s released, Chance wants to get married. With I love you’s, Abby leaves to check in with the doctors.

Sharon’s surprised when Rey drops by CL’s to check on her. He’ll be working late to find whoever shot Chance – and isn’t happy when Sharon announces that she went to see Adam.

Billy, Amanda and Lily are at ChanceCom discussing Chance getting shot – good thing we didn’t run a sequel to the expose (blaming Adam) Billy’s still sure he’s responsible (even if he didn’t pull the trigger)

At the estate, Chloe’s frustrated by Chelsea defending Adam. Do you want to get back with him??? Please don’t – you were finally free. Chelsea looks guilty.

Adam walks into Chance’s room to ask why he’d take a bullet for him.

Adam’s not responsible this time, Lily reminds – the bullet was meant for him. Billy still feels he’s to blame. Amanda sides with Lily (and her journalistic integrity over his instincts) – we don’t run anything until the police make an arrest. Yes, they are ganging up on him.

Sharon’s not sure Rey can be objective when it comes to Adam. He knows she can’t be and wants her to avoid him so he can’t hurt her. He’d hurt me? a skeptical Sharon’s stunned to hear that Adam locked Chelsea up so he could carry out his plan (which is why Chance started following him) Adam destroys everything. He didn’t destroy me, or us, Sharon chirps.

Declaring himself a ‘terrible friend’, Adam owes Chance for saving his life. OK, we’re even (for Vegas) he also agrees that his self-destructive nature is a problem but vows to change after this wake-up call. Yes, Chelsea’s OK and Adam will do everything to make it up to her.

Caring about Chelsea, Chance orders Adam to leave her alone. He obviously doesn’t know what true love is if he can’t decide between her or Sharon. Chance pulls no punches – he didn’t save Adam out of friendship; he reacted instinctively. I’m better off without you in my life. All debts are paid off. Adam wishes Chance a speedy recovery and leaves looking like he just lost his best friend.

At the estate, Chelsea tells Rey that she talked to Adam (and told him she’s a suspect) Rey’s annoyed that she’s changed her mind on Adam being behind her kidnapping. It sounds a little crazy. Initially claiming that Adam doesn’t know who shot at him, Chelsea’s no match for the persistent detective. OK, he suspects the person who hates him the most – Billy.

Still at ChanceCom, Lily stands by the legitimate story they ran on Adam – but Billy going to see Chance at GCM was out of line. She’s happy with where she’s at. Amanda wonders whether that’s because of the job or her partner.

At Society, Billy quips ‘dodged another bullet didn’t you?’ Adam wonders if he knows anything about that.

Deciding that they make a good team when it comes to keeping Billy in check, Amanda asks Lily to answer the question she dodged earlier. I know where you work, she shouts after Lily struts off blatantly refusing to answer.