Friday, November 13th, 2020

Adam remembers Billy making a big show of moving on from his hatred and need for revenge – it’s like I live rent-free in your head. I wonder which one of us is better off. Maybe whoever shot you will try again (and succeed) Billy walks off.

Going over the crime scene, Detective Rosales looks down at the bloodstain, then up in the direction of where the shot came from.

At the Abbott mansion, Ashley squeals with delight as she admires Abby’s ring – then is near tears as she talks about almost losing her fiance.

Lily’s at CL’s to talk to Sharon about something non-cancer-related; apologizing for the article on Adam and vowing it’ll never happen again. Sharon admits that it’s been hard on Faith but everything in the story was true. She won’t spend any more time trying to fix Adam (or bring out the good man she knows is inside him)

Abby asks her Mom to help plan her wedding. The date? As soon as possible.

Chance thanks Victor for coming to the hospital so quickly after he sent the text. He has something important to ask him.

Outside Society, Chelsea can see that Adam’s agitated – is Chance OK? Yes, but he doesn’t want anything to do with me. And Billy just all but admitted to shooting me, he whines. No revenge, no retaliation, Adam wants to see Connor. No, not happening, Chelsea doesn’t trust him. Adam’s sure he can prove he’s sincere and win her back. As Chelsea goes inside, Billy watches Adam leave with take out in hand and his tail between his legs.

Abby explains why she and Chance don’t want to waste another minute. Ashley’s onboard and hearing the wedding’s to incorporate everyone who made them who they are; Brad, Dina and Chance’s family, jumps up – I have the perfect thing.

Back at GCM, Victor praises Chance for his bravery in saving his son. Chance returns the praise, declares his love for Abby and intentions to spend his life trying to make her happy. You’re asking for permission to marry my daughter? No, with all due respect, he and Abby have already made that decision; he’s not asking for permission, he’s asking for Victor’s blessing.

Was it you? Did you try to kill Adam? Chelsea confronts Billy. Wondering why she’s still Adam’s apologist, Billy thinks she should keep Connor away from him. You should be pissed that whoever shot him missed. Is that right? Rey appears. After Chelsea obediently leaves, Rey notes how close ChanceCom is to the crime scene and understands why Billy hates Adam; what happened to your daughter was tragic. Billy does indeed hate Adam but he didn’t pull the trigger.

Where are you? Adam’s home to ask where his subconscious kid-self is? No more ethical advice? Nothing? Guess it’s just me now, he takes a drink.

At the estate, Chelsea’s surprised by the colourful poster boards Chloe has on display – the name for the new fashion line? Bella Milconnor – very Italian, right? Our kids’ names! She’s dismayed to hear that Chelsea can’t abandon Adam. He’s a mess, he’s dangerous – but she’s still in love with him.

Amanda needs guidance over a contract – and an answer to her question about Lily’s feelings towards Billy. Evasion is an answer in itself. There’s nothing going on, Lily chuckles. On cue, Billy comes in to sit and say he might need a lawyer.

Ashley brings down Dina’s memory box that includes old photos and childhood mementos such as a ribbon she won at a school science fair. Abby would love to incorporate them into her wedding.

Victor guesses Abby already said yes and knows Chance would marry her without his blessing. Yes, he loves Abby enough to risk facing Victor’s wrath. Thanks for making this easy on me, Chance appreciates that. Do we have your blessing? Your grandmother was a very good friend of mine, Victor knows she’d be thrilled that her grandson is marrying his daughter. Welcome to the family. Thank you, sir.