Monday, November 16th, 2020

Trying to write at CL’s, Theo shakes his pen and his head – are you kidding me? Seems it doesn’t work. When Mariah comes in to gush about how sleek and gorgeous the pen is, Theo snaps – it’s yours.

Faith tries to quicken her pace as Phyllis catches up to her in the park to ask ‘what’s going on’? Admitting that she made a mistake that won’t happen again, a hungover Faith thanks Phyllis for keeping it quiet the last time. What last time? Nick appears.

Sally’s in Jabot’s boardroom ‘picking’ Jack’s brain on JVC. Why sell it? To focus on what we do best; cosmetics. JVC will do very well for Fenmore’s, Jack’s sure – with the right leadership. Sally’s thoughts exactly.

When Summer arrives to meet her at Society, Lauren gets to the point immediately – she has an offer that’s a game-changer.

Raving about JVC’s stylish bathing suits, Sally also wastes no time getting to the point. She wants Jack to put in a good word for her with Lauren. Jack gently but firmly explains that Lauren’s already chosen someone to run JVC. Who? Sally wants to know.

Back at Society, Summer will be sad to see Lauren go. She and Kyle had such a blast creating the JVC division. It needs a new president, Lauren elaborates; someone who’s in tune with the market, who believes in the strength of the brand. You’re not asking what I think you’re asking are you? Summer dares to hope. Lauren nods.

This decrepit antique was left to me by my grandmother, Theo whines that Kyle got a museum worth of paintings, Abby got an apartment in Paris. He’s surprised when Mariah offers a sincere ‘I’m sorry’.

What secrets are you two keeping? Nick asks. Phyllis overheard that I skipped gymnastics to hang out at CL’s, Faith claims. That was last time, Nick wants to know what it is THIS time. Phyllis’ turn – she ran into Faith the other day in the park – your little girl had a rough night with a bottle of vodka.

Vodka!? What were you thinking!? Nick shoos Phyllis away to confront Faith on her drinking not once but twice. How angry are you right now? Faith asks. I’ve gotta sit down, Nick flops onto the park bench.

Jack doesn’t feel comfortable sharing who Lauren’s chosen to run JCV but will put in a good word with her – maybe a job will be created to fit your talents – don’t give up. Sally won’t – she has her eye on the big picture. Good, Jack’s impressed and has no doubt she’ll get along well with her new boss. Stepping out of the boardroom, Sally’s smile turns into a snarl.

OMG! Summer’s ecstatic. You (and Kyle) created JVC – it was your baby, Lauren thinks she’s the best choice to run it. Jack? he approves. As Kyle lurks, Lauren presses Summer to break free and show the world what she’s capable of. Summer needs time. Lauren will give her all the time she needs.

Finally, Phyllis is back at TGP to open a box of glossy promotional flyers. I did not approve this, Vikki suddenly marches in to snatch the card out of Phyllis’ hand to rip it up.

Not surprisingly, Mariah doesn’t approve of Theo’s plan to get money out of his family. Your beef with them isn’t money – you want them to see your pain. I do, whether you like it or not.