Monday, November 16th, 2020

When Summer returns to Jabot, Jack offers congratulations – and is surprised to hear that she didn’t immediately accept Lauren’s offer. Why not leap into greatness? No, Jack’s not kicking her out of Jabot – it’s a great opportunity for you. What other reason could there be? It would make Kyle’s life easier, Summer points out.

Kyle accosts Lauren as she’s about to leave Society. Why did you choose her? he asks.

Nick lectures Faith on the dangers of drinking. Who were you with? Who bought the alcohol? Kids from school, Faith evades the questions. She was in the moment – tired of not fitting in, tired of jokes from the mean girls. I took the opportunity to be normal. Softening, Nick knows things have been difficult. No, you have no idea what it’s like to be me, Faith sniffles.

Vikki knew Phyllis was up to something so got herself an advance copy of the flyer – you’ve been ignoring my calls. Ponte Vecchio is within it’s rights to terminate your employment. It’s a shell company, Phyllis fires back. Yes, it’s a shell company and yes, I’m sticking it to you, Vikki’s unapologetic.

Lauren doesn’t report to Kyle so doesn’t need to defend her decision – Summer’s smart and talented; you know what a phenom she is. Your Father gave his approval. Summer’s an integral part of my team, Kyle whines – then is surprised to hear that Summer asked for time to think about it. Maybe she’s not ready to leave Jabot after all, Lauren leaves Kyle to hint at a smile.

Kyle’s my son; you’re both valuable to this company – losing you would be a blow to Jabot but you’d be crazy to turn down being president of JVC, Jack adds that Kyle doesn’t know anything about Lauren’s offer. Talk to your Dad and/or Victor – do what’s right for you, Jack leaves Summer to think.

Next time someone brings out a bottle, leave, Nick orders Faith – you’re not just underage; you’re extremely underage. Your grandmother’s an alcoholic and Cassie’s dead because of drinking. If only she’d have called me that night (which is what he wants Faith to do next time) Nick loves Faith and will be there for her no matter what. As for whether or not to tell Mom, Nick will give it some thought – no promises.

Nick’s brought Faith to CL’s for something to soothe her stomach and to leave her in Mariah’s capable hands while he has something to take care of. Faith looks nervous.

In the boardroom, Summer tells Kyle that she got a job offer out of the blue. I haven’t said yes – yet. Yes, she’s interested, it’s her dream job. What’s holding her back? She’d have to leave Jabot. JVC would be lucky to have you, Kyle admits he’s already talked to Lauren. So, what will Summer do?

In her suite, Phyllis leaves Amanda a message – I know you have an exclusive deal with ChanceCom but I’m on the brink of losing my hotel and need some advice. Nick then barges in to blast Phyllis for keeping Faith’s secret. You know better than this! I can’t believe you were this irresponsible! Phyllis is stunned.

Summer doesn’t know what she wants. It’s your choice alone – you deserve to have your dreams come true, Kyle offers congratulations when Summer officially (hesitatingly) resigns.

Finding Theo at Society, Sally asks if his offer to pool resources is still on the table. He spoke with a lawyer about suing the Abbott’s but can’t move forward without more information. After he files, Theo needs to know how they’ll retaliate. What does Sally need? To eliminate whoever’s pegged to run JVC.

After Mariah goes inside for food, Faith sends Jordan a message that she has to cool it for a while because her Dad found out and is furious. Jordan replies with a winky-face – we’ll be more careful next time.

Phyllis had the best of intentions – it was timing – you were ripping into me about not returning Vikki’s calls. If you told me Faith was drinking the first time, there wouldn’t have been a second time, Nick barks. Some of your unsavory habits are making a comeback. Phyllis claims she’s the same person she’s always been – anyone who doesn’t live up to Newman specs is tossed out. I’m sorry for having faults and for not living up to The Great Nick Newman! she shouts as she slams out.