Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Rey’s summoned Vikki and Nick to Society to discuss a security sweep of Newman Towers and Adam having the schematics for the building. Shocked to hear that they were possibly the targets of an attack, they ask Victor (when he arrives) why he didn’t tell them.

Adam calls to invite Chelsea over to the penthouse for dinner and a talk. Give me one last chance for Connor’s sake, he implores. She needs to think about it. Adam will be there, waiting.

At TGP, Amanda looks over Phyllis’ flyer for a couple’s retreat and reassures her panicked friend that she’ll look over her contract (off the record) and see if Vikki can indeed fire Phyllis. As for the second emergency, Amanda sees no reason for Phyllis to fret over an argument with Nick – you two are crazy in love. Like all the other times we crashed and burned, Phyllis worries.

Victor didn’t inform the kids because he knew how they’d react. Why Adam had blueprints for NE is a moot point; there’s nothing to worry about, he’s confident. After Rey excuses himself to take a call from Paul, Vikki and Nick continue to oppose their Father. If you can’t let go of Adam, maybe it’s time this family let go of you, Vikki concludes.

Abby’s brought a surprise for Chance; a video chat with Jill and Nina on her tablet. He appreciates their concern but no need to come visit now – wait til the wedding, he announces his plans to marry Abby.

Jill and Nina both give their blessing; which means the world to Abby and Chance.

A nervous Adam sets the table then waits for Chelsea to come.

At the estate, Chelsea flashes back to Adam proposing on bended knee – then breaking up with him. She’s clearly conflicted on whether or not to go to the penthouse.

Rey rejoins the Newmans to ask where they all were when Chance took a bullet for Adam. In a meeting at NE (which Nick left briefly to see Sharon at CL’s) After Rey heads off to check security footage to verify, Victor wishes Vikki and Nick good luck trying to oust him from the family.

Phyllis isn’t really one to hold back; she changed for Nick, for ‘us’ but he gives me no credit for the person I am now. She might explode next time she sees him. Amanda advises against pushing Nick further away. Don’t tell him you’ve changed, prove it.

Vikki’s just looking out for the company and the family. Your sister’s making a big mistake, Victor warns Nick to think about it before blindly following her. After he leaves, Vikki stands by her threat – we have to think about cutting ties with Dad.

When Chelsea announces that she’s going out to run a few errands, Chloe knows she’s going to see Adam.

Adam opens his front door expecting to see Chelsea, and finds Vikki instead.

Chloe and Chelsea butt heads over Adam. If you go down this road, God knows what happens to your son, Chloe warns.

Phyllis feels Nick should be the one to make the first move (and apologize) Amanda takes a call from Devon; drinks at his place before dinner sounds good. Phyllis thinks that sounds like more than friends. She’s left to think about texting Nick – while he’s at CL’s thinking about texting her.