Tuesday, November 17th, 2020

Chance thanks Abby for bringing some real food (from Lola) He likes the theme she’s picked for the wedding; ‘elegant simplicity’ – and the location; the Chancellor mansion.

Over Margaritas at the penthouse, things are initially awkward between Devon and Amanda but more relaxed when they decide to skip a fancy restaurant in favour of Chinese take out.

Chloe’s sorry for bringing Connor into it, I went too far. Agreeing, Chelsea storms out. What’s going on? Kevin comes down to ask. Adam, it’s always Adam, Chloe gripes.

Vikki has paperwork for Adam to sign (renouncing his claim to anything Newman) It should be a mere formality if you really do plan to walk away, she wants a legal and binding split.

Confirming that Victor hasn’t even read this contract, Adam refuses to sign it. Vikki’s not surprised – she knows he had something planned against the family he’d gathered at NE for a meeting. After Adam rips up the contract, Vikki has one thing to say before she leaves; she wishes that bullet had found its intended target.

I practically pushed Chelsea out the door (by bringing up Connor) Chloe worries. Kevin’s supportive – don’t give up.

Take out ordered, Amanda wants to hear the story of how Devon came to be the man he is. Yes, that sounds like first date talk but she doesn’t care (and neither does he)

Devon and Amanda bond over growing up in the foster care system. He was an angry kid who got in trouble and didn’t trust anyone until the Winters took a chance on him; then came Tucker and Katherine. Devon’s learned that no matter how bad things are, there’s always hope.

Vikki thanks her Dad for meeting her (on the CL’s patio) Have you come to your senses? he asks. Vikki shows him the contract Adam ripped up – he had no intention of walking away. Victor doesn’t take Vikki’s version of events at face value; Adam ripping this up means nothing; he’s crying out for help.

Are you on your way? Adam answers Chelsea’s call. At Society, she needs more time – goodbye. Adam’s left to sweat it out some more.

Phyllis is surprised to find Nick in her suite. He’s sorry – I was too hard on you. That’s true but Phyllis is sorry she didn’t tell Nick right away (about Faith drinking) How can I make it up to you? Nick holds out a single red rose. I was just about to ask you the same thing.

Abby’s thrilled when Chance announces that he’ll be released from GCM tomorrow – let’s get married next week. Yes! a week, Abby agrees as they both laugh.