Wednesday, November 18th, 2020

At CL’s, Rey tells Sharon that he and Paul will be heading out for a busy day; they won’t rest until they find out who shot Chance. When Paul arrives, he takes Rey to the patio to report a break; an earbud was found on the scene – possibly the shooters’. This is personal for Paul; Chance is the newest member of the GCPD, and Nina’s son who he’s known since before he could walk. Paul needs this case to be airtight.

Chance is recuperating in Abby’s bed and anxious to start planning their wedding.

At Society, Victor’s barely touched his food. Nikki defends Vikki drawing up a contract for Adam to sign; while Victor disapproves of her ‘ultimatum’. Perhaps I have been too forgiving but this is different. Victor will now say something Nikki won’t like; Adam’s become dangerous and unpredictable and everyone in the family is partially to blame.

Adam’s grateful that Chelsea came to the penthouse to hear him out. He loves and needs her; wants the family back together again. Chelsea isn’t sure that’s enough.

At CL’s, Amanda has a few things for Lily to sign off on. She’d rather hear how Amanda’s evening with Devon went. Amanda wants Lily to go first; tell me about your romantic life.

Paul’s silent as Rey questions Billy at ChanceCom. He has a hard time believing that Billy went to see Chance at GCM strictly because he’s family.

On video chat, Abby and Chance ask Jill for her blessing on getting married at the Chancellor estate. Agreeing without hesitation, Jill’s surprised to hear that the wedding is next week.

Amanda’s asking as a friend; does Lily want someone in her life? Um, no, Lily’s not ready for anything complicated right now. Cane broke her heart. Not sure where she and Billy stand, Lily’s terms for a relationship are; clean, simple and drama-free. Amanda’s evening with Devon was simple – they enjoyed take-out and each other’s company. Lily thinks that sounds perfect.

Billy tells Rey that he was concerned about Chance and Abby – but went to GCM on a hunch (and hoping to get the truth) Yes, he wants to run a sequel to the story on Adam. Paul asks straight up – did you do it? No – and you can’t search ChanceCom without a warrant (which Paul just happens to have in his pocket)

Adam’s so so sorry about everything. Chelsea can’t just forgive Adam. Were you trying to kill your family? Victor was the only target, Adam claims that damn article pushed him over the edge. No, it’s what you did as a kid (which Chelsea told him not to dredge up) Is she supposed to believe that all Adam’s anger and need for revenge has just disappeared?

Amused to come back to find Chance sleeping on the couch, Abby talks about how happy they are – you’re the love of my life.

Billy lists other suspects who’d want to shoot Adam; Victor, Nick, Chelsea. He’s irritated when Rey comes out with his laptop and a single earbud (bagged as evidence)

Nikki wants Adam out of their lives. He’s tried to kill you twice. Victor wants them all to co-exist; Adam needs help. It was you and Vikki who forced me to tell him the truth, he reminds.

Adam wants to hear everything Chelsea’s feeling. He has hope; and that’s about all he has. I’m afraid…. That you can’t do it alone? Chelsea thinks that statement ‘manipulative’.