Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Victor agrees to leave Sharon alone with Adam for five minutes – call if you need me. Did Victor threaten you to go along with this ridiculous court order? Adam asks. No, Sharon’s genuinely worried – you looked Faith in the eye and asked for forgiveness while planning an attack on your family. No, Victor didn’t tell her that. YOU did – when saying you were on the verge of doing something unforgivable. I confided my darkest thoughts and you use it against me? Adam’s frustrated. You’ll have great care with doctors more qualified than me, Sharon soothes – just be an evaluation, then they’ll release you, she insists.

Arriving at the penthouse, Rey’s petrified when hearing that Sharon’s alone in there with Adam. Not incredibly reassured by Victor, he only leaves because there’s an officer onsite watching over things.

Devon walks into Society to exchange a stare with Nate (seated at the bar)

Adam reminds Sharon that he took her in and brought a doctor to her after she burned down the ranch – I didn’t have you locked up like some kind of animal. You have to get better for the sake of your family, Sharon’s near tears. Tell the judge you made a mistake, Adam pleads – if I ever meant anything to you fix this! ‘I can’t’, she sniffles.

Chloe hasn’t seen Chelsea smile in ages – because you know this is wrong. No, she can’t wish Chelsea well – if you walk out that door, I can’t protect you anymore. Be careful, if you can’t do it for me, do it for Connor.

Elena still can’t believe she did something so impulsive and selfish, it’s just not like me. Lola wonders if what happened with Nate wasn’t an impulse. Devon’s great, she’d still be selling sandwiches from her food-truck if not for him – but Nate has a lot going for him (he saved Lola’s life) You might regret letting him go.

At the bar, Nate tells Devon that he might not be able to operate again. Is this where you expect us both to say ‘we took things too far’? Devon scoffs. Nate about to say something; never mind.

After Elena goes downstairs for some tea, Lola picks up her phone and looks tempted to contact someone.

What were you going to say? That you have real feelings for Elena? Devon sneers. She doesn’t have feelings for me – it was just one night, Nate says. For you – but it was my whole future, Devon asks Nate to help it make sense to him. Never mind – I don’t give a damn what you have to say. Nate’s left alone to receive/read a text.

Rey drops by the apartment to see Lola. Something’s going on with the Newmans. Confirming that it involves Adam, Rey gripes that he sees people as someone he can use or an enemy; which he now sees Sharon as.

How many times has Victor used you as a pawn!? Adam doesn’t believe he and Sharon want what’s best for him – you’re throwing me out like trash! Victor failed as a Father and I’m the one who suffers!! Victor enters – it’s time, son. Be calm – we’ll talk later, Sharon implores. Running out the door, Adam can be heard shouting at the cop to get off him.

Mind if I join you? Nate takes a seat on the patio with Elena (who realizes that Lola arranged this run in) She’s probably sick of hearing how confused I am and wants us to hash this out. Elena doesn’t want to give Nate the wrong impression – she’s not sure where she wants this to go. If you asked me out, I wouldn’t say no.

By the time Rey shows up at the coffee house, Sharon’s already heard (from Victor) that he was at the penthouse. Best boyfriend ever, she appreciates his concern and him leaving before Adam was further humiliated. Rey’s only concern is Sharon – how did it go? Do you regret your decision? Sharon’s done everything she can for Adam – it’s all up to the doctors now.

Chelsea lets herself into the penthouse – Adam? Adam? She sends him a text saying she’s ready to talk. Where are you??

Adam awakens in an unfamilar room wearing khaki pants and T-shirt and shoes without shoelaces. Hello? Hello? he bangs on the locked door and looks out the window.

Next week: After the way we lost Cassie, you decided to keep this from me? Sharon confronts Nick. Dad – how could you? Faith appears at the coffee house to ask …. I’m so glad you could make it, Lily greets Nate warmly. Makes one of you, right? Nate’s comment is meant for Devon (who’s apartment they’re at) … The bullet they took out of Chance, that was meant for Adam, looks like it was fired from… My gun? Not surprised at all, Billy finishes Rey’s sentence … Paperwork in his hand, Jack informs Kyle that Theo’s suing them for Dina’s entire estate.