Thursday, November 19th, 2020

Chloe comes downstairs to apologize to Chelsea for losing it yesterday. Yes, Chelsea did go to see Adam, to tell him that she needed more time. Thank God, Chloe heaves a sigh of relief.

At the penthouse, Adam’s adamant that he and Chelsea are leaving GC to move closer to Connor’s school to live a peaceful life. He doesn’t need anything from Victor; not his advice, nor his name. If you’re lucky you’ll one day receive a Christmas card from the Wilson family (with no return address)

Victor hopes Adam’s able to live the peaceful life he wants – but first, he’ll need intense therapy to come to terms with his past. It’s no longer your decision to make, Victor hands Adam a court order granting a ‘serious mental evaluation’. OMG, how the hell did you get Sharon to go along with this?! Adam’s furious.

At CL’s, Sharon tells Rey that she signed off on Victor’s petition to have Adam committed (after hearing that he’d planned to kill him, and perhaps the entire family) Yes, she believes Adam a danger to himself or others. He’ll never forgive me, she’s sure he’ll see this as a betrayal.

Napping on the sofa, Elena dreams that she’s back home snuggling under a blanker with Devon – but when Nate invades those dreams, telling her it’s time to be honest with herself, she awakens looking distraught.

Rey’s proud of Sharon for doing the right thing. The petition’s been approved and Adam could be finding out about it right now. Alarmed, she jumps up – I have to be there! Love you, she says as she races out of CL’s.

You got a woman recovering from cancer to sign this thing!? Adam squawks. Sharon signed of her own free will, Victor assures. Yanking open the door to go find Sharon, Adam finds a huge cop blocking his exit. We all care about you, Victor calmly states.

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Chloe does try to hold her tongue, but is she supposed to pop a bottle of champagne when Chelsea decides to reconcile with the man who just drugged and kidnapped her? Chelsea must do what’s best for her and Connor. That’s not Adam and Chloe can’t watch this happen again – if you reconcile with him our friendship is over.

You’ll cut me out of your life if I make a choice you disapprove of? Chelsea informs Chloe that there’s nothing left for her in GC, so she’s leaving.

Lola comes home to say she heard Elena mumbling in her sleep but couldn’t make anything out. Hearing that Elena dreamt that she and Devon were back together but Nate appeared to ruin it, Lola suggests Elena’s subconscious is telling her that being with Nate isn’t a mistake.

You’re gonna lock me away and pretend I never existed?! Adam fears he’ll be stuck in a padded cell for the rest of his life. This is temporary; Victor’s stopping Adam from doing something he’ll regret – so he can live a happy, healthy life. He will always stand by his son. There’s silence when Sharon arrives at the penthouse.

After Chelsea books a room at TGP, Chloe tries to convince her to stay. You can’t leave town anyway because you’re a suspect in Chance’s shooting. Feeling that her BFF is addicted to Adam, Chloe would kidnap Chelsea herself if she thought it would help. Chelsea will do what’s best for her family, if it ends her friendship with Chloe, so be it.