Friday, November 20th, 2020

It’s the next day when Chelsea marches into CL’s demanding answers from Sharon. Where’s Adam!?

Dr Rhodes introduces himself to Adam – do you know why you’re here? My Father wants to punish me. HE’s the one who’s dangerous, to everyone; Adam demands to be released immediately.

At Society, Sally tells Kyle that she had a great chat with his Dad. Hearing (for the third time) they already have someone in mind to run JVC, she again (for the third time) asks who.

In the boardroom, Summer flashes back to happily planning her future with Kyle. She sends a text to Jack and Kyle – I need to see you asap.

As Chance (played by a new actor) lets him into his suite, Rey gets a text – forensics say that the DNA found at the sight matches the earbud. They’ll need a warrant to collect a sample from Billy. It won’t be easy going up against the most powerful family in town, Chance warns.

Lily’s at the office, Billy at the Abbott house as they exchange flirtatious texts. Jack arrives to hear that Billy’s a suspect in Chance’s shooting. He offers his full support and is sorry to hear that Lily’s asked Billy to step away from ChanceCom.

Wow – Summer, good for her, Sally totally gets it – must be hard for you to lose her. Kyle doesn’t know Sally well enough to discuss his relationship with Summer. His friendly advice is to forget her and JVC – make your mark at Fenmore’s. Sally’s left looking unimpressed.

Lightheartedly grumbling about being sent on an unplanned vacation, Billy sees one blessing in disguise – but won’t jinx it by telling Jack.

Rey ends a call then updates Chance that the lab has Billy’s DNA from a DUI in 2015. If they find the gun – and it matches, it’ll be a big step to getting the justice you deserve (and Adam deserves Rey begrudgingly adds)

Chelsea’s shocked to hear that Sharon and Victor had Adam locked up in a mental hospital. We had to take action, Sharon blathers on about her professional opinion while Chelsea has no confidence Sharon can be objective when it comes to Adam. How could you do something so cruel? This is about control, Chelsea vents – you’re jealous. If we leave GC you’ll lose him – and you don’t want that. Has Rey figured out that you’ll never let Adam go? Chelsea wonders

Why would your Father want to punish you? the doctor asks. Adam refuses to talk to one of Victor’s hired hands; I won’t make this easy for you, he vows.

Summer’s summoned Jack and Kyle to the boardroom to announce her decision to leave Jabot to run JVC. Both are supportive. I’ll miss this place (though she’ll be right down the hall) Jack’s sure when she spreads her wings, Summer will never look back (Summer looks at Kyle)

Sally’s asked Theo over to Society to complain about him not getting the info she was able to get out of Kyle – Summer’s going to run JVC. Hearing a bit about Kyle’s relationship with Summer, Sally needs to know more before she starts this game. And Theo’s not making a move until he knows there’s something in it for him.

Sharon (and Victor) didn’t make this decision lightly; Adam’s been volatile for weeks – he kidnapped you! The woman he loves – and why? To get you out of the way while he carried out an attack on his family. Adam just needs to get away from all you people, Chelsea blusters.

Dropping by ChanceCom, Rey has a few more questions. Yes, Billy’s taken a step back from the company but Lily knows he’s innocent. How can you so sure given his history? Rey wonders.

Excusing himself to make a phone call, Jack can’t wait to see what great things Summer does next. Off to tell Lauren, Summer’s surprised to hear that Kyle’s going to ask Mariah to come aboard. Congratulations, he wishes her all the best. Thanks, bye, Summer leaves looking depressed.

Billy’s in a good place, Lily explains; work, the kids, he’s on great terms with Vikki – he’s working on a lot of projects and no longer obsessed with Adam. Focus less on Billy and more on finding the would-be killer who’s still out there.

At the Abbott house, Billy’s on the phone. I always protect my sources. What’s the status on the investigation? Rey did that? Let me know if you hear anything else, Billy hangs up.

Back at Society, Theo could have found out that Summer’s been asked to run JVC – but getting dirt on her is a more ambitious endeavor – so he needs a good-faith gesture from Sally first. The Abbott’s are about to find out that I’ve filed a lawsuit against them and Theo needs solid intel on their reaction. Sally will find out what she can.

Kyle and Jack are both in the boardroom when a woman briefly comes in to confirm their names before handing them both an envelope; you’ve been served.