Friday, November 20th, 2020

Sharon did what she did to help Adam put his life back together – and if Chelsea loves him, she’d understand that. Chelsea doesn’t need Sharon to tell her how to help Adam – she sees a pathetic woman. When Chelsea decides to go get Adam out of there, Sharon says she can’t – he’s under a court-mandated 72-hour evaluation and will likely be held longer. You’ll regret this, I’ll make sure of it, Chelsea warns in parting.

Billy’s back at ChanceCom to update Lily that they’re running his DNA, so must have something to match it to. Rey’s being pretty aggressive. Yeah, he was here – Lily told Rey he’s 100% wrong. I know you didn’t do this.

What’s wrong? Mariah’s at CL’s. It’s just been a trying day, Sharon sighs. Mariah has happy news – Lola asked Abby if they can have the wedding at Society; it’s a huge score since it’s New Year’s Eve. Encouraged to get it off her chest, Sharon muses – ever know you’ve made the right decision but still question yourself on it? No! This isn’t about Rey – I can’t wait to marry him – that’s the one thing I know for sure (Sharon’s exuberance seems forced)

What the hell? Kyle’s also reading paperwork. Theo’s suing us for Dina’s whole estate, Jack scowls. Their phones go off – Traci, Ashley and Abby have also been served. Theo’s always been jealous of me, Kyle’s angry. Jack’s disappointed. Maybe this is what he wanted all along. I warned you, Kyle reminds. Outside the boardroom, Sally eavesdrops.

Lucky to have Lily in his corner, Billy sees an upside to not seeing her in the office; he can see her outside the office. Like go out on a date; multiple dates – as in ‘dating’. Whaddaya say?

After Mariah sends Sharon out for some fresh air, Kyle drops by to blab that Theo’s suing the Abbott’s for Dina’s entire estate. Huh, Mariah didn’t think he’d go through with it. You knew??? Not exactly. Hearing about Summer’s new job, Mariah’s shocked when Kyle offers the position to her. He needs someone great – say yes. Mariah needs more details but is definitely interested. And it looks like you need an ally.

Letting Victor into her suite at TGP, Chelsea demands he gets Adam released. No, Victor won’t reverse his decision. We need to get to the root cause of what’s bothering that boy – he needs therapy. Leaving him in a mental ward will break him. OMG – that’s what you want, she gasps in horror.

So, we’re really gonna do this, Billy grins. I guess we are, Lily smiles back. Is it dinner time yet? Billy’s eager. You’re eight hours too early, she laughs as Billy finally leaves.

Sally’s back in Jabot’s boardroom – she has something awkward to tell Jack. Theo wants me to spy on you and your family; something to do with a lawsuit. He’s crying sour grapes over family business, Jack says – but declines Sally’s suggestion that they feed him bad info. Thanks for telling me. I won’t forget this, he leaves for a meeting.

You’ll never get away with this, Kyle tells Theo that he got what he was entitled to – a pen. Theo wonders why Kyle’s so opposed to sharing the wealth – haven’t you been handed enough already? My Father handed you a job and you blew it, Kyle’s cocky. Summer suddenly appears to ask what’s going on. What was that? she asks after Theo leaves. Told that he’s suing the family for Dina’s estate, Summer thinks that insane and awful – don’t let him provoke you; that’s exactly what he wants. Kyle admits she’s right – I can’t give Theo any ammo. You’re a million times the man Theo is, Summer praises.

You want to crush Adam’s spirit so you can build him back up and mold him into the man you want him to be. Where is he!? Victor can’t tell her that. Please!?? she shouts as he leaves.

Adam paces around the room he’s locked in.

Rey accosts Billy – I’ve been looking for you. We found the gun used to shoot Chance; it was broken down and thrown in a dumpster – next to ChanceCom. Oh, and the gun’s registered to you.