Monday, November 23rd, 2020

Jokes aside, Abby almost lost Chance – you guys have no idea what that feels like. Oh, Devon, I’m so sorry, she cringes. It’s OK, Hilary and Neil are part of who Devon is. Unable to contain her joy, Abby looks forward to having children with Chance.

Billy appreciates what Vikki said to Rey. She spoke the truth; you’re more responsible than ever. Hearing that he stepped down from ChanceCom, Vikki detects nervousness. Billy thinks Adam must be happy as a clam right now. No, he’s not, she disagrees.

Get your hands off me! Hey Victor – are you out there?! Is this what you wanted? Are you happy now??? In the hallway, Victor looks devastated.

Discussing the evidence, Rey relays Vikki’s theory that Adam framed Billy. You have enough to bring Billy in. Why haven’t you? Chance asks. Rey’s being thorough. He wants everything on the up and up without so much as a whiff of bias (towards Adam) His Father had him committed, he adds. Maybe that’s for the best, Chance believes Adam’s been unhinged for a while. Him framing Billy isn’t out of the realm of possibility.

Billy’s surprised that Victor finally realizes his son’s psychotic – maybe he’s afraid of what Adam might do, or maybe he’s protecting him from what he’s already done. Adam framing me doesn’t make sense. That’s what Dad says – he thinks you did it. Billy understands if Vikki’s not sure of his innocence. He might need to get inside Adam’s head to prove it.

Victor’s back after Adam’s been sedated and in restraints. I haven’t abandoned you. You’re my son and I’ll help you whether you like it or not, he persists; Connor and Chelsea need you. Victor’s near tears at the sight of Adam so weak and defeated.

Depressed and dejected, Victor drinks at Society’s bar.

Vikki’s walked Billy back to ChanceCom – you’d do the same for me. If there’s anything I can do…. Billy won’t drag her any further into this. She doesn’t want to bring the kids to prison to visit him. You know me – I always land on my feet, his upbeat demeanor leaves Vikki looking worried.

Now alone on the patio, Rey’s on the phone with Paul to update that Vikki defended Billy but avoided answering whether he confronted Adam about breaking into her home. There’s something there; she knows Billy’s capable of doing something like this. Rey’s not counting Adam out but is following the evidence and should have an answer soon. He ends the call to again pore over crime scene photos on his phone.

A groggy Adam hallucinates. Let’s get out of here – Connor’s waiting for us, Chelsea implores. We love you. Come home. Realizing where he is and that he’s alone, Adam cries.

Sally’s on the phone at CL’s – everyone’s so nice here. I miss you too but I’ve been busy. I’m making progress. Hopefully, we can see each other at Christmas. Someone’s calling me, she lies. I’ll be right there, she calls out to no one. I love you too. Bye.

Back at the suite, Chance is tired from his excursion. You did just have a bullet removed, Abby reminds. Yeah, someone should go to jail for that, Chance thinks – but who? Abby would rather talk about happier things. Getting a text from Lauren, she’s thrilled the dress will be done in time for the wedding ~kiss~