Friday, November 27th, 2020

Will Billy Boy be at the wedding? Victor asks. Having no idea, Vikki goes to pick up her take out. That leaves Victor to reflect on finding out that he was Abby’s Father (not Brad) – she’s a capable lady who can take care of herself.

Ashley knocks on the bathroom door and asks Abby to come out. Wedding jitters are normal – your other relationships prove that this one is right. No, you aren’t the same immature, selfish person you once were.

At the Chancellor estate, Nina, Jill, Jack and Ester chat as Chance gets an SOS text from Mariah. Yes, everything’s OK – he just needs to run back to the hotel to change his shoes. That leaves Ester to take Nina to a room to freshen up (while Jack and Jill reminisce before greeting Victor and Nikki) Vikki and Traci arrive to announce that the bride isn’t there yet.

Still in her bathroom, Abby’s panic attack continues. On the other side of the door, Ashley offers support (but leaves with Mariah when Chance arrives) He loves that she’s a mess. Abby slinks to the floor.

Ashley joins the guests at the Chancellor estate to assure all that the bride will be there soon. Victor’s glad their daughter’s marrying Chance – we had some good times (and here’s some flashbacks to prove it)

Through the bathroom door, Chance coaxes Abby until she stands to say that she’s the one who doesn’t deserve HIM.

Ashley joins an anxious Jill, Vikki and Traci – who brings up Brad (and a flashback to them choosing the name ‘Abby’ – he loved her so much)

Phyllis declines attending the wedding with Nick – go; have fun, dance, eat – when he gets home she’ll give him the best night of his life. You’ll remember tonight for a long time.

Katherine would have loved this, Devon comments. Victor, Jill and Nikki agree. And how wonderful that he got ordained to officiate the wedding. On cue, Mariah calls Devon to update that Abby’s locked herself in the bathroom; Chance is experienced in hostage negotiations, so there’s that.

Through the locked door, Chance gushes about how much he loves Abby – you changed my world. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Makeup running down her face, Abby opens the door.