Monday, November 30th, 2020

At the stunningly (if not a tad overly floral) Chancellor estate, Ashley, Victor and Nina exchange pleasantries (Philip couldn’t make it due to appendicitis) Jack and Vikki make the obligatory mention of the Abbotts and Newmans being together in one room. Across the room, Jill and Devon feel Kay’s presence. She then puts her foot in her mouth by mentioning Devon one day having children.

Meanwhile, in Abby’s suite at TGP, Chance admits he’s using reverse psychology on his jittery bride – is it working?

Greeting her son, Nikki doesn’t conceal her happiness that he hasn’t brought Phyllis along.

Folks soon start to wonder where the bride and groom are. Jill suggests a pre-wedding ‘tryst’. That doesn’t explain the Maid of Honour being MIA, Nina disagrees. As Devon sends Mariah a text, she quietly appears to voice her concern to Ashley. Is there going to be a wedding today or not? Jack verbalizes what all are thinking.

Don’t kill the messenger but the bride-to-be is having a little case of cold feet – like ziplining, Mariah babbles. Ashley suggests all relax – Chance is with Abby right now. Chuckling about their wedding fiascos, Nick/Vikki flashback to touching proposals between them and Sharon/Billy.

Back in the suite, Chance has managed to calm Abby down. This time is different, she’s sure (then manages to blame him for being late to their own wedding)

Upstairs, Abby apologizes to Mariah and Ashley. Both are just happy she’s there and wonder what Chance said. His eyes said everything, Abby sighs.

Downstairs, Chance reassures Victor that he’ll spend the rest of his life making Abby happy. Nina and Vikki agree there’s no hatchet to bury (because they both fell in love with Cole and Ryan) They also agree that Abby and Chance share true love.

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Mariah leaves Abby to bring her Mom to tears with her appreciation for making her the woman she is today. Both missing Dina, items from her memory box serve as something borrowed, something blue etc. I love you ~hug~

Nina thanks Abby for granting her a private moment. Having no rich traditions or mementos to bring to the table, she will start their own, by giving her a locket for photos. Hopefully, you can give it to your own daughter on her wedding day. Flashing back to kissing Ryan decades ago, Nina and Abby share bring each other to tears, until Victor arrives to take his turn.

While Jack, Ashley and Traci reminisce about Dina and John, Nina jokes with Chance that she lost the ring, then sits him down to deal with something important.

Nina gifts Chance with his Father’s watch, and his grandfather’s before that; engraved Philip I, II and III. Chance is happy to be wearing a piece of family history today.

Victor has nice things to say about Chance, Ashley and Nikki (who he hopes her marriage with Chance emulates)

Mariah and Chance chat about the big messy families who made Abby the woman she is; they must be doing something right, he figures.

When Jack arrives, Abby thanks him and Victor for making nice today. Jack then tears up as he invokes Dina in declaring Abby a beacon of hope for the rest of the Abbotts ~hug~

Jill joins Devon as he tells Mariah that Dru and Neil got married here too. They were a gorgeous couple, Jill flashes back to congratulating Dru on her wedding day; she and Neil were made for each other. When Devon flashes back to Hilary, Jill again apologizes for bringing up painful memories for him. No, it’s the opposite, Devon gives her a teary smile.

Wish you were here, Nick texts Phyllis – who will make it up to him later. He’s snapped out of his memories as the music begins and Chance takes his place.

Nikki and Victor feel as if they’re the ones getting married today – the Newmans, Chancellors, Abbotts and Winters are all here. New limbs will be added to the family tree. I love you, they exchange. Traci sings the YnR theme song as a glowing Abby appears to a montage of weddings; her joy bubbling over as she joins her groom.