Friday, November 27th, 2020

Jill arrives to marvel at how stunning the estate looks, though she noticed a tiny bit of split water by the vase in the front hall – the driver will carry her stuff in but won’t know where everything goes. Ester knows where she’d like to put it. Jill’s left to talk to Kay’s portrait – her grandson’s, a Chancellor, is marrying a Newman-Abbott. Jack enters to crow about a whole boatload of history. Jill wouldn’t miss this day for the world.

Is that what you’re wearing to the wedding? Nick’s at TGP. Phyllis has an emergency to deal with on the third floor. I’ll just wait here until you come down, patiently – sorta, Nick’s left talking to himself.

At Society, Victor pronounces Chance a hero for taking a bullet for Adam – and he asked for my blessing. Nikki agrees that Abby’s in very good hands. Vikki joins them hoping they can put their differences aside for Abby’s special day.

Nina and Chance catch up at CL’s – she can’t believe her son’s getting married today and was happy to provide the flowers. You just got out of the hospital – are you well enough to do this today? Chance assures that he won’t fall flat on his face.

‘The door was open’, Mariah enters Abby’s suite babbling – Lauren delivered the dress – it’s so amazing Chance will pop his stitches when he sees you in it. Are you alright? she knocks on the bathroom door. Inside, Abby’s in tears.

Abby flashes back to her history of break-ups; Arturo, Tyler, Stitch. There was one common denominator – me, she tells Mariah.

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Back at CL’s, Chance has something unconventional to ask of his Mom. In lieu of a best man, he’d like her to be his best Mom.

Jill always admired Dina. Jack appreciated the flowers she sent. This is the house Jill met and fell in love with Chance’s Father; so much history and underhanded dealings – the center of the universe, she hopes Abby and Chance appreciate. Jack’s sure Dina, John and Katherine are smiling down on them and agrees that all the history makes this a special day for everyone.

Nina’s thrilled to stand beside Chance as he gets married. He credits his Mom – he didn’t realize true happiness until he met Abby.

Abby wrote all her past relationships off as bad luck – she thought they were all the one. Mariah pleads – open the door. Abby lied, to Mariah and to herself. Mariah sends an SOS text to Ashley – the bride needs her Mom!

Dressed to impressed, Phyllis had taken care of the emergency on the third floor. Nick suspects she’s just coming up with reasons not to attend his sister’s wedding. When Ashley exits passes by without a word, Phyllis sees no reason she should attend this wedding.