Tuesday, December 1st, 2020

Due to illness, the role of Chance is being played by Justin Gaston.

Dearly beloved, we’re gathered here today – Devon believes weddings are the best celebrations – we are more than witnesses to this ceremony – we are Abby and Chance’s support system; their community; a responsibility and privilege none should take lightly. Nina stands to recite a poignant passage; Ecclesiastes 4:12. Two are better than one. Chance’s vows at heartfelt and sincere. I promise to spend the rest of our lives keeping the magic alive. Billy earns dirty looks (even from his Mother) when he arrives late to take a seat. Both then say their vows; for better for worse, richer for poorer. With this ring, I thee wed. You are no longer two – you are one. Pronounced husband and wife, the newlyweds kiss to applause.

Gathered around a smattering of stand up bars, the guests mingle, joke, and take turns celebrating the newlyweds. Abby wasn’t always a picnic, Ashley brings up her filling the estate’s pool with bubbles. Jill gives a funny speech; Kay would approve of this union. Listing everything the wedding didn’t have, she declares this little wedding ‘perfect’. Nina steps in to welcome Abby into the family and read a letter from Philip. Chance thanks all – now, please enjoy yourselves. Cake’s delayed; the bride has a few things she’d like to say.

Abby thanks all for coming. She and Chance understood that some people wouldn’t be able to make their wedding but Chance being shot made them realize they shouldn’t wait. I love you all, she laughs; eat, drink and be merry. Upstairs for a wardrobe change, Mariah and Abby say more nice things.

Downstairs, Billy tells Jack that he’s keeping a low profile due to the circumstances. Jill wonders what no one ‘told her’. Your son shot your grandson, Victor appears to announce.

Nikki hisses at Victor not to ruin Abby’s day. This isn’t true, is it? Jill asks. Billy swears to Chance that he didn’t shoot that bullet. He’s fine with Chance waiting til the evidence comes in. After Chance goes to check on his bride, Jill lectures Billy – don’t get cocky, don’t screw this up.

Upstairs, Abby’s in white pants suit. Billy wants to take us for a private celebration if he’s not convicted of shooting me, Chance relays. Now it’s off to honeymoon on a private island; no cell service. Paradise.

As Nikki praises Devon for doing such a fine job, Nick injects some humour. Chance now in a grey suit, the bride and groom admire the ‘gorgeous’ cake.

Guests applaud as the newlweds kiss. Nikki and Jill tease Jack and Victor about sounding like friends. Excuse me, Billy escapes Victor’s glare. Stay, Ashley implores. Looking again at Victor, Billy can’t. Ester enjoys cake (and her first break since 6 this morning) Nina can see she was running her buns off. Jill can’t believe she’s agreeing with ‘this one’ – you’ve done a magnificent job. Ester’s shocked – I may faint.

Mariah tells Devon not to give up on love – you know what it’s like to fall in love and plan a future. The perfect someone is out there, she’s sure.

Nikki tells Jack that the last few weeks have been hard on Victor – as they have for the Abbotts. Jack appreciates the flowers and donation to Alzheimer’s Nikki sent. Victor and I respect everything you did for Dina, Nikki move on. Jill quickly appears to ask Jack if Nikki’s the one who got away? Or is it Phyllis? Jack’s only looking forward.

Upstairs, Ashley thinks Chance will be a great wife and Mother. When Traci tears up, Ashley apologizes for going on about her daughter’s hopes and dreams. Of course, Traci can’t help but wonder how Collen’s wedding would be – but feels nothing but joy on this special day.

The bride and groom step aside to decide it’s time to leave for the airport. Nina nixes that – we have one more surprise for you.

Everyone has pen and card in hand. Nina displays a beautiful box to put them in so Abby and Chance can read them after they head off to start their new lives. Ester, Jack, Vikki, Victor, Nick, Nikki, Mariah, Ashley, Kyle, Devon, Jill, Nina, Traci read (in their heads) what they’ve written and one by one add them to the box. Taking the box from Nina, the newlyweds thank everyone as they run upstairs.

Nina wasn’t sure this day would come – who could have guessed Abby would bring Chance’s feet to the ground. Are you ready to be a great, great grandmother? Nina asks Jill (who then looks up at Kay’s portrait; she haunts me constantly) Cattiness turns into tense discussion of Billy. Jack asks then to all take a breath and realize how far we’ve all come. Oh how quickly kids grow up. All enjoy flashbacks of their kids (as we see them grown up. Jill, Nina, Ashley, Victor and Nikki and Jack are left to toast to the future of their conjoined families – cheers, all clink glasses.