Wednesday, December 2nd, 2020

Carried across the threshold to her private cabana, Abby’s sure Chance is playing a joke on her – this is clearly a storage unit full of old furniture. Chance doesn’t get it – the honeymoon suite looked like paradise on the website. My handsome detective husband got ripped off, Abby’s again amused.

* I hadn’t realized that the actor that plays Chance is off sick with Covid-19 and is being played by Abby’s real life husband.

Jill upstairs sleeping, the Abbott’s and Nina wonder where Chance has taken Abby for their honeymoon. Ester’s suggestion that the newlyweds live here, at the estate, is rejected by Nina. They could stay at the Abbott ‘mans’, Jack suggests. Nina sheds a happy tear when the subject of chubby-cheeked grandchildren comes up.

Sally wastes no time introducing herself to Billy as Lauren’s executive assistant – how was the royal wedding? Mind if I join you? She’s practically seated when Billy declines – he’s waiting for his date. Wouldn’t want to give the wrong idea, Sally sashays over to ask the bartender for something to warm up this California girl. Billy watches.

In her suite at TGP, Summer doesn’t get many details about the wedding but still thinks she’s lucky to be with Kyle (and now it’s time to get lucky – ba dum tsss)

What kind of honeymoon suite is this? There’s not even a bed in here, Chance notices. Oh well, who cares – how much room will we spend indoors anyway? The views and beach are to die for, plus Abby has everything she needs right here ~kiss~

Nina thanks Ester for getting her a napkin to dry her tears – what an emotional roller coaster the last couple of weeks have been. Jack’s sure Abby and Chance are embarking upon a very happy life – unseen forces are at work. No, I’m not tipsy, I know something you don’t.

After doing a bit of decorating and turning the lights on, Abby’s not so sure Chance should open the mini-fridge. Champagne! At least they did something right. Chance is feeling stronger every day but maybe we should pull the murphy bed down to get some rest. Instead, they decide to hit their private beach.

Now seated with Billy, Sally’s fine with her job at Fenmore’s. Hearing that she ran her own fashion house in LA; Spectra Fashions, Billy wonders how she could go from that to being Lauren’s gopher. It’s a story he’d love to hear.

Sally and Billy bond over the difficulties of having to prove that you’ve earned your position (over coasting by on your name) As she chatters away animatedly, Lily arrives looking taken off-guard – hope I didn’t keep you waiting long. I kept him occupied, Sally says. And you are ….? Kidding – see you around, Sally exits full speed.