Thursday, December 3rd, 2020

Strolling into CL’s, Victor cuts Sharon’s congrats on Abby’s wedding short with news that Adam’s been discharged – which means you and I are in danger.

No sooner has Adam tiptoed into the penthouse, Chelsea arrives – Victor wouldn’t even tell me which hospital you were in, she gasps indignantly. Reminding that last time they spoke, Chelsea said she needed time to think, Adam wonders what she’s decided.

Fixated on her phone, Chloe’s frustrated that Chelsea hasn’t contacted her – maybe what I said pushed her right into Adam’s arms, she frets to Kevin.

As Billy awakens in bed, Lily sashays over in a short, satin robe. No, it wasn’t a dream. Billy can see they had a lot of wine and dessert last night. Forget breakfast and work. I could be locked up for a long time; last night was magical and Billy wants some more. That’s better, Lily tosses her robe at him.

Nina and Chris catch up at TGP. Paul’s busy working – Abby’s wedding was perfect – Chris doesn’t want to run for AG; she’s leaning towards private practice. Move back to GC, she implores; I miss you.

Now at Society, Billy thinks it good he’s taken a leave of absence (lest their employees catch on) Spotting Rey, Lily suggests they leave. Instead, Billy goes over to tell Rey to go find whoever shot Chance. Or, if you’re here to celebrate catching the guy, Lily and I will have two Mimosas.

No, Victor doesn’t think Adam had a breakthrough. You’re the only professional Adam will listen to. He needs you.

Back at the penthouse, Chelsea relays Thanksgiving with Connor – she had to lie about his Dad not being there. No, Chelsea hasn’t made any decisions, she still has questions – was Adam really willing to cut ties with the Newman family? Adam whines about his 72 hours in lock-up – the only thing that got him through was thoughts of Chelsea. Suddenly, she’s made up her mind after all.

If the evidence points to someone else, Rey will be thrilled. Sure Adam’s setting him up, Billy gave Rey a laundry list of suspects; my gun was stolen. I’ll sue you and the GCPD, he threatens. The only road Rey’s going down is the road to justice.

The job isn’t finished, Victor badgers. It is for Sharon. Basically, she needs to focus on her relationship with Rey and her daughter. Adam (and Victor) should be talking to Chelsea, not her.

Chelsea wants Adam and her family back. Adam’s so relieved to hear those words. He too wants their future to start, right now. No, this isn’t a dream, Chelsea will take him upstairs to prove it.