Friday, December 4th, 2020

Billy’s not even done having his mug shots taken when Vikki gets the news via a text from her Father. Ending a call, she flies out of her office.

On the CL’s patio, Rey assures Mike that their mystery eye-witness is in a secure location and no one on the force tipped Billy off. He was completely surprised by his arrest. Mike doesn’t like the case against Billy; he’s a grieving Father with a media powerhouse to broadcast his narrative. On the other hand, Adam’s a sociopath; a killer even as a child. He’s on the loose to wreak more havoc while Billy’s behind bars, he clearly doesn’t approve.

At ChanceCom, Jill suggests Amanda hasn’t been able to get Billy released yet because she only handles contracts. Clarifying that she does have a background in criminal law, Amanda stuns Jill and Lily with news that the DA has an eye witness who places Billy near the scene of the crime (but Mike won’t say who it is)

Faith’s finished rearranging the storage room at CL’s but tells her Mom that she doesn’t have school work to attend to. Having checked her grades online, Sharon’s still concerned. Once alone, Faith’s yet again devastated by a group chat full of comments about her sick Uncle.

I’m OK, Chelsea reassures Adam (who wants her to take it easy until they get the results of the tests she just did at GCM) When Rey shows up, Adam assumes he’s there to warn him away from Sharon. Yes, but he’s actually there to update that Billy’s been arrested. Adam thinks that’s good. Listening from the couch, Chelsea nods.

Lily finds it odd that a witness would come forward weeks after Chance was shot. Jill thinks someone with a vendetta made it up or the real shooter needed a scapegoat. Amanda doesn’t have those answers but Paul must think this witness credible enough to make an arrest. No, Lily can’t confirm that Billy was at ChanceCom at the time Chance was shot – we were going to go through security footage but didn’t have time before he was arrested.

Hearing that Chelsea’s a little under the weather, Rey will keep his visit short. Billy will probably get out on bail; he won’t be considered a flight risk. Adam’s free to travel but should make himself available if they have questions. After Rey shows himself out, Chelsea figures she and Adam can leave right away. Like hell we can, he disagrees.

Chelsea’s almost done packing – does Adam want to stay to follow the case against Billy? No, he’s toxic, Adam wants to keep his distance. He won’t leave until he’s sure Chelsea’s healthy – this isn’t the first time you fainted. Chelsea lists all the stress she’s endured; the headaches are getting worse, she admits. Adam blames himself for her fall in the elevator (when he cut the power to ChanceCom)

Jill wants to know who this miraculous eye witness is. Ignoring Amanda and Lily, she marches off to the station. Having faith that Billy’s innocent won’t cut it, Amanda needs proof. Lily reflects on that evening; she went to meet Devon, Billy stayed at ChanceCom. He called when he heard about the shooting. You think he left ChanceCom after I did, shot Chance, then raced back here to call me? Yes, Lily knows Billy once held Adam at gunpoint, but this isn’t who he is. Vikki arrives to agree – Billy couldn’t have done this.

Glad that her Mom had a hand in having Adam locked up, Faith hopes he stays that way forever. He’s already been discharged, Sharon’s disappointed too – for a different reason; she wanted Adam to get help. Faith thinks he’s just evil – why can’t you see that?

Adam tells Chelsea about the contract Vikki had drawn up (that he ripped up) She told him something that’s haunted him. The Newmans were all at NE for their scheduled meeting with him – had he gone through with his plan, Christian, Johnny and Katie would lose a parent and Chance would wake up in the hospital to be told that he’d lost Abby. Adam went to see Victor and Vikki today to say that he’d sign their contract; he’d give up his claim to Newman money if it could go to Connor.