Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Billy tells Lily that per his source on the force, the eye witness is Celeste Rosales. That’s Rey’s last name – and Lola’s, Lily looks at her ‘favourite chef’ (busy and unaware)

The newlyweds chat at CL’s – Chance isn’t involved in the case; he’s being called as a witness for the prosecution. They want you to help put Billy away, Abby believes.

They probably want to confirm the timeline, that Adam was the intended target – and yes, elicit sympathy from the jury. Chance doesn’t know if Billy’s guilty – all he can do is tell the truth. Both look forward to the move. Abby wouldn’t dream of redecorating the Chancellor estate.

Chatting with Billy and Lily, Lola’s easily lead into saying that she wishes her Mom lived closer; she’s overdue for a visit. Alone again with Lily, Billy cocks his eyebrows.

At TGP, Vikki’s surprised that Nina’s still in town. Nina’s surprised to hear that Vikki owns the hotel. You helped mold me into the woman I am today, Vikki recalls Nina cheating with Ryan. No need for apologies – Vikki just makes sure those who crossed her once never do it again.

Finding Phyllis snarling into her phone, Nick wonders what his sister has done now. I have to go back to my evil ways and show Vikki how ruthless I can be, Phyllis hopes he’s OK with that.

Phyllis elaborates; citing negligence, Vikki’s using small print in the contract to force a buyout. Nick’s NOT going to defend her – my sister lied and I’m on your side. I’m always in your corner. Yes, he has an idea but you won’t like it. Let me talk to Vikki. OK, but Phyllis wants to be there.

Nina would hate to get on Vikki’s bad side now. They make a pact not to fall for the same man. And Vikki won’t hear of Nina forgiving Phyllis for what she did to Cricket. Nice running into you, they part on nice terms (though Nina pulls a face as soon as Vikki leaves)

At the station, Rey confides to Chance that he’s not fully convinced of Billy’s innocence – but if they don’t find some evidence pointing elsewhere he’s looking at hard time.

After making a few calls, Lily’s found out that Celeste is staying at TGP and must go see her alone (so Billy doesn’t void his bail) She’ll do this her way and isn’t afraid of a challenge; in fact, she went toe to toe with Victor today.

Lily’s not scared of Victor or the fallout of talking to this witness – as a reporter for ChanceCom, she’ll investigate. Billy stands too – no way he’s letting Lily go without backup.

In Society’s kitchen, Abby tells Lola all about the wedding; after a bump on the road (nerves) all went off without a hitch; the Newmans and Abbotts behaved – Abby’s ridiculously happy.