Friday, December 11th, 2020

In TGP lounge, Billy denies he’s nervous and is in the process of hiring a new attorney; someone who believes I’m innocent. I have other people watching my back, he adds.

Upstairs, Lily talks at the door – claiming to have paperwork from Detective Rosales for her to sign. OK, I’m not with the GCPD – she basically then pleads for her not to testify – the person you’re naming deserves better than this. Let me in to explain. She’s about to leave when the lock clicks.

In the boardroom, Kyle has Jack read his email detailing bonuses/gifts for Jabot’s employees. With the clock running down, he’s sure Theo won’t accept their offer (he’d rather he take them to court and get nothing anyway)

After an antsy Theo leaves yet another message for Britney, Summer arrives at Society. She can tell he’s worried, but Kyle’s not. Going through with this is a huge mistake – she never thought Theo was this stupid.

At CL’s, Rey considers taking Sharon to the same place Chance took Abby for their honeymoon. I don’t sleep on air mattresses, Sharon balks. Rey then steps aside to take a call.

Lily rushes over all flustered to speak to Billy – alone. After Amanda leaves, he asks – who is this person. You’re never gonna believe it, Lily’s clearly astonished.

** Very tired today folks. Too tired to even look at the words underlined in red – have a good weekend – be smart, be safe.

The eye witness is Alyssa Montalvo. No, she’s not here to help you. She’s going to testify to seeing you that day. Billy can’t believe she’d betray him like this. Nearby, Amanda’s brows are furrowed.

Alyssa’s on the phone with Rey – they (Billy and Lily) know I’m here and planning to testify. You said you’d protect me. I’ll be right there. Unable to give Sharon or Lola any info, Rey rushes out.

Summer lays out all the reasons Theo has no claim to any of Dina’s inheritance. No probate Judge will invalidate her will for someone who was in her life for 5 minutes. Everyone sees through your bull. That’s my two cents, take it or leave it. After Summer clip-clops off, Britney arrives. What are my chances? Theo wants honesty.

As Summer watches from the bar, Britney tells Theo that winning is a longshot – it’s impossible to predict. It’s not her place to judge whether Theo’s genuine. You could lose everything; a steep price to pay if your only goal is to stick it to the Abbotts.

At CL’s, Lola gives Sharon a pep talk; Rey’s a lucky man and he knows it.

Nate and Elena stop by CL’s after a long day at GCM. No, he hasn’t heard from his doctor. As Nate goes to order, Lola comes over to comment on Elena’s bed being empty this morning. Emerg. was busy due to an accident – but asked about her date, Elena’s snicker indicates it went well.

Lily relays telling Alyssa that Billy could go to prison for years for a crime he didn’t commit. No, don’t go up there – it’ll violate your bail. It’s a bad idea, Lily hisses. Devon passes by to join Amanda – what are they talking about? Amanda’s only sure it’s a mess.