Wednesday, December 9th, 2020

At the penthouse, Chelsea smiles over an album of Connor-photos Adam’s compiled and sent to her phone. He assures the nervous Chelsea that the specialist they’re to see today is the best – he’s not giving up on their dream but we need to see what we’re dealing with.

Chatting with Victor at Society, about her co-CEO taking a leave of absence to take care of a legal matter, Lily declares Billy the heart and soul of ChanceCom. Sure, the evidence points at him hard, – too hard. Perhaps Victor had anything to do with that?

Billy grumbles as he and Amanda wait for Mike to meet them at the station, for whatever he wants to discuss. On cue, the DA arrives to suggest Billy avoid the expense and cost of a trial by pleading guilty to attempted second-degree homicide.

At Society, Theo updates Sally that the Abbotts now know he’s not going away (and wants more intel) Sally won’t tie herself to a losing proposition. Her advice is to take the Abbott’s offer – move to Paris and live a nice life. Theo wishes her luck in going head to head with Victor Newman’s granddaughter – she’ll flick you off like lint.

Talking business at CL’s, Mariah asks what’s going on between Summer and Kyle. We belong together and are working things out. Nothing and no one will get in the way of that – does that answer your question?

Mike seems confident in his case against Billy (laying out all the evidence, including an eyewitness who puts him at the scene of the crime) Did this eyewitness see Billy pull the trigger? Amanda asks. Mike believes the only person lying about what happened that day is Billy.

Back at the penthouse, Adam’s glad they found out about Chelsea’s condition before they hit the road. He understands why she lied/downplayed it but wants her to be honest from now on.

Chloe is putting a crying Myles down for a nap when the newlyweds come home. We’ve closed on a house, she and Kevin won’t be at the estate much longer. Now, how was the honeymoon? Magical, despite a rocky start, Abby chuckles. Suddenly having something important to rush off for, Chloe leaves Chance and Abby to babysit her crying infant.

Sally drops by with paperwork for Jack to sign (which yes, is a step down from running a fashion house) Hearing that Theo talked to her about their offer (which she advised him to accept) he’d like to hear more.

Chelsea’s in tears at the thought of Connor going through more trauma – he can’t know. Adam agrees – we’ll make him feel safe and secure. Chelsea’s grateful to have Adam to lean on. They’re about to leave for her appointment when Victor stops by.

This offer is as good as it gets for Billy, Mike debates with Amanda – he’s in trouble whether he testifies or not – his gun was found outside his place of business, he has a strong motive etc. etc.) The case is almost airtight. Take this deal and Billy’s looking at 2 years. Look me in the eye and tell me you think I did it, Billy challenges.