Tuesday, December 15th, 2020

Today’s episode was basically Billy dreaming along the lines of It’s a Wonderful Life so can be skipped without missing anything

Billy rolls around in his cell; voices of everyone he cares about (and Victor) echoing in his head. I didn’t do it, he murmurs – I was framed. I didn’t do it! he awakens. We all pay for our sins, one way or another, Adam appears to smirk.

Billy’s nightmare continues; I didn’t shoot you – the person who did is still out there, he warns Adam not to feel safe. YOU should be the one locked up, not me. Listing all he and Billy have in common, Adam yanks the cell door open and challenges him to walk away.

Billy’s the ghost of convicted felon present – invisible as he watches his Jack, Lily and Amanda discuss him being found guilty and the appeal to be filed. He then finds himself at CL’s with Abby – of course she can see him – you shot the man I love.

Abby shares her disappointment in Billy – at least she grew out of her selfish past. There’s nothing heroic about the expose on Adam that hurt Ashley and Faith; not to mention jeopardizing Chance’s career. You’re a chaos junkie, just like Adam.

Billy’s now in Vikki’s office as she explains to Johhny and Katie that their Dad’s been accused of something he didn’t do. Sadly, the Judge and Jury didn’t believe him. Do YOU trust Daddy? Vikki whips around to silence Billy – this is hard enough as it is!

Billy tosses and turns in his cell – as he dreams that he’s still in Vikki’s office – begging her not to take the kids away. Too late, you’ve already lost them. Don’t go, he pleads. Running to the door, he finds Victor.

Victor’s now on the other side of the bars. He knows Billy didn’t do it but you did try to kill Adam with your car last year. You’re where you deserve to be, Victor then unleashes his pure hatred for Billy Boy. Now, Billy’s at the Chancellor Estate – with a preteen Delia.

Delia lectures her Father. When she last saw him at the boathouse, he promised to live an honorable life. You don’t have a job – you can’t protect Johnny and Katie any more than you could protect me. Billy cries – don’t go, I’ll do better. He’s now at ChanceCom; where Lily’s still fighting for his freedom years later. Then the interrogation room, where Billy’s dismayed to watch Rey lecture his teenage son.

Your Uncle Jack’s pressing charges – he’s worried about you, Rey asks if Adam put him up to embezzling from Jabot. Billy’s infuriated to hear that Adam’s involved. He’s the only one who gives a damn about me, Johnny won’t rat on him.

I’ve got him under my thumb, he’s smart, fearless – Johnny belongs to me now, Adam sneers through the cell bars. He’ll do anything for me when I get these charges dropped. Vikki? She can’t do anything about it. Don’t do this – you’ve already taken one of my kids, Billy implores (to no avail)

Billy awakens in a much happier place – at Society with Lily. How did I get here? he asks Lily. I never gave up on you, she coos.

Lily’s used her powers of the press to bring new attention to Billy’s case – our brilliant journalists found a witness who proved your innocence. He then thanks his brilliant lawyer and Jack (both proud of him) Victor chortles pessimism from the bar – while Vikki hopes Billy’s learned his lesson. Back to Lily – no matter what, you can always count on me, she smiles. Billy awakens in his cell to say ‘I know I can. Together we won’t let any of that happen’.