Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Rough night? Amanda joins Billy in the interrogation room to share interesting news from her PI; Alyssa claims she returned to Kansas the night of the shooting. She bought a ticket but never boarded the flight.

At ChanceCom, Lily’s on the phone looking into Alyssa for a podcast they’re doing. She had a temper? Hmmm. Vikki arrives to ask why Billy’s bail was revoked – why are things going from bad to worse?

Nikki’s at Society with Victor. She defends Billy and hopes he’s found innocent. Victor, not so much. Arms folded, he pouts about Adam (whom he’s tracking and therefore knows he’s Minnesota, near Connor’s school) He can’t ‘move on’ due to getting a ‘strange feeling’ that something was going on when he last visited Adam and Chelsea.

At TGP, Summer wonders why Kyle’s a million miles away. He’s disgruntled that Jack gave Theo the boutiques in Paris. Hopefully, we’re rid of him for good – it’ll be nice not to have someone having it out for us.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Sally gushes to Jack about how wonderful Kyle is and manages to take a few digs at Summer. He recognizes her ambition and basically tells her to back off a bit and patiently wait for opportunities to come to her.

Raising an eyebrow when finding Sally perched on Kyle’s desk, Summer tells her to drop the act – you’re after my job running JVC. Don’t underestimate me. You’re legit? Sally scoffs at her ‘spotty’ work history (citing nepotism) You’re a lightweight, I’m a pro, she stalks out confident that she’s the one who’ll end up on top.

Alyssa’s the witness? Vikki’s surprised to hear that she may have been following Billy; she’s an angry person who holds grudges but why wouldn’t she investigate who the real shooter is? Lily makes it clear that there’s no need for Vikki to go update Billy; Amanda’s there – we’ve got it covered.

Amanda shares that Lily found out; the gloves in Alyssa’s suite and the fact that she’s no stranger to shooting a gun (just like her Father) She shot Adam and is framing me for it, Billy oh so cleverly summarizes.

Appreciating Vikki’s understanding, Lily dismisses her without sharing what information she’s learned.

Adam and Chelsea were in a hurry to leave, Victor’s sure something was ‘off’. Nikki reminds him that Adam’s concerns are no longer his. I’m his Father; Victor loves his son.

This is circumstantial evidence at best, Amanda compares it to what the police have (a long list Billy’s aware of) We can’t tell Mike – be patient and trust me. Pressed by Billy, Amanda has an idea. Calling Lily, she wants her to approach someone as a member of the press.

Lily appreciates Rey meeting her at CL’s and doesn’t expect him to divulge information – she has some to share in fact. Alyssa is an expert marksman and has shooting gloves in her room. Yes, she went into her hotel room and would do it again – now look into it.

Lauren’s at TGP with Sally. Jack thinks you might be becoming a handful, she informs Sally. The problem isn’t your ambition, it’s how you pursue it. After all I’ve faced can you blame me? No, Lauren doesn’t – trust yourself and you’ll end up where you want to go.