Monday, December 14th, 2020

Billy’s in handcuffs and an orange jumpsuit when his lawyer arrives at the station to lay down the law (pun intended) Amanda lists her conditions; no lying, no interfering with witnesses, no speaking to the DA/police, follow orders. Deal. Let’s get to work.

Alyssa! Lily bangs on the door – let me talk to you – it’s a matter of life and death! You’ve got five minutes, Alyssa yanks open the door to say.

What a beautiful tree, Nina gushes. Abby looks forward to trimming her and Chance’s first tree – but not on Nina’s last night in town. I have something that might change your mind, Nina pulls out a wrapped gift.

Sharon just loves this time of year (and cramming as much Christmas decor into her coffee shop) Faith’s helping, until she gets a mean meme (say that three times fast) to her. Bad news? Our basketball team just lost a big game, Faith lies and retreats to the patio with a poinsettia. OMG – what’s going on? Lola asks on arrival.

Nick finds Phyllis at TGP smashing her tablet and crunching numbers. I can pay you back in January of oh, never, she grumbles. You don’t even have to pay me back, Nick couldn’t care less. Phyllis loves him for helping but doesn’t want to be rescued by his money and after first Abby, then Vikki, she’s not thrilled that another Newman owns part of TGP.

Amanda makes notes – Alyssa had no animosity towards you? No, the expose put her on the map – Billy even offered her a sequel. Maybe she came back for Adam? Sure, he killed her Father but look at how well he manipulates Chelsea.

Alyssa saw what she saw – she had to tell the police. You know Billy didn’t do this. No, Alyssa doesn’t. He’s being framed, Lily wonders if she’s in on it. Why are you even in GC?

Lola’s brought Faith upstairs – the one rule in her apartment is to tell the truth. Let me help you. Faith shows her phone. Mean/meme girls, Lola knows a bit about bullies – ignore them and rely on your friends. My one friend ghosted me, Faith confides in her new ally – and would love to hear stories about Lola’s rebellious days.

Nick doesn’t want Phyllis to repay him if it means doing something risky or illegal. She can’t get Vikki’s taunts out of her head. Who cares? Phyllis cares.

Phyllis played by the rules (mostly) and where did that her her? She’s tired of losing. You got your hotel back, Nick’s not sure how she can see that as a loss. If Phyllis can’t stand on her own two feet, Vikki was right about everything.

Abby and Chance entertain Nina with the story of babysitting Myles – we can see ourselves raising a family here. Maybe next Christmas we’ll be hanging a stocking for baby Agatha. No, Abby isn’t pregnant but she and Chance have been talking about it for a while. They’re delighted to open their gift – an angel gifted to them by Grandma Kay (flashback to Kay, Ryan, Nina with little overacting Philip)

Alyssa’s back in town because she was reconsidering writing a second expose for Billy. And that’s how you thank him? Lily also wonders how Alyssa happened to be at the crime scene. I’ll get to the bottom of this. Do it somewhere else – your 5 minutes are up. Seconds after Lily leaves, Rey comes knocking – we have a problem.

Rey’s taking Alyssa to the station; the DA has questions (about what Billy and Lily said to you) Your stuff will be packed up and moved – this place has been compromised. Fine, Alyssa huffs – let’s go. Lurking Lily manages to slip through the door, then slips on some gloves to snoop around. Hmm – some gloves and a framed photo.