Wednesday, December 16th, 2020

Back in the boardroom, Jack wraps up business with Kyle then leaves near tears over the void Dina leaves this Christmas. Explaining his Dad’s hasty departure to Summer, Kyle’s warned that Sally wants her job and will use him to get it.

Victor’s continued moping leads Nikki to suggest a trip to London – just say yes.

Amanda orders an impatient Billy to stop drumming his hands on the wall. Lily will get back to them when she can. Yes, she’s really putting herself out there, Billy admires Lily; a longtime friend he’s now closer to. Amanda got that impression and hopes Billy gets a chance to repay her.

Despite Rey thinking her info a leap, Lily implores him to consider Alyssa a suspect. If she’s wrong, no harm done. If she’s right, Rey can arrest the person who actually tried to shoot Adam.

Kyle isn’t convinced that Sally’s after Summer’s job – Theo just wanted to cause trouble before leaving for Paris. No, Summer relays their run-in. Kyle suggests they just refuse to engage and when Sally arrives, pointedly states that he and his fiancee have somewhere they need to be. See ya, Sally chirps as they exit the boardroom.

Nikki understands that Victor needs to be in town to support Vikki and Adam during Billy’s trial and is happy when he agrees to think about taking a brief trip.

Rey calls the station to ask if Alyssa’s been moved to another location. No? Good, don’t do anything til you talk to me.

When Vikki shows up at the station, Amanda discreetly leaves to give them privacy – don’t give up, there’s a lot of people fighting for you. Vikki wastes no time mentioning Billy’s ‘friendship’ with Lily and offers to support him in any way she can. In that case, Billy needs something only Vikki can do for him.

In Jabot’s boardroom, Lauren applauds Sally’s initiative – this is the way to move up the ladder at Fenmore’s. Sally admits that her survival instinct makes her go overboard sometimes. Seeing herself in her assistant, Lauren lists her fine qualities – don’t make me sorry.

On the CL’s patio, Kyle laughs off Sally’s interest in him – he only loves Summer (who he called his fiancee to get under Sally’s skin) Arriving, Jack hears them laughing but resists the urge to join them (clearly there’s something he wants to get off his chest)

Amanda’s now at ChanceCom to tell Lily that all they can do is hope Rey takes the bait.

Rey has indeed taken the bait. Wearing gloves, he takes Alyssa’s shooting gloves and leaves.

Billy wants to know how Johnny and Katie are doing. They’re blissfully unaware – Vikki’s managed to keep his arrest from them and if they find out, she’ll explain that it’s a mistake. Billy appreciates her faith in him – tell them I love them and will see them soon. Is that true? He needs it to be.