Thursday, December 17th, 2020

The tree all decorated, Chance and Abby agree that Christmas is their favourite time of year.

At ChanceCom, Lily and Amanda hope Rey’s working on the Alyssa lead.

Meanwhile, in his cell, an agitated Billy goes over what Amanda told him – Alyssa can handle a gun.

Mike’s in the interrogation room when he gets a call from Victor. He and Nikki are going away on a trip (but he wants to be back in time for the trial; make sure Billy Boy pays for this. Mike’s job is to see that justice is done. Rey arrives to update Mike that Alyssa’s gloves are being checked for gunpowder and DNA. Her motive? The man Adam killed was her Father. Our super-secret witness, who we’ve built our whole case around, has been lying to us to cover up her own crime? Mike’s not happy.

At CL’s, Nate claims that he hasn’t returned Elena’s calls because he’s still out of it from the anesthesia and meds. Does Dr Fraser think you’ll regain full use of your hand? she’s eager to know.

The damage to the nerves is too severe – chances of Nate operating again are slim to none. No, there’s nothing Elena can do – Nare needs to be alone for a while. Elena’s supportive – maybe it’s not a good idea for you to be alone. For the first time in his life, Nate doesn’t know what to do. Elena does – let’s get out of here.

Billy’s lucky to have you in his corner – but Amanda knows he and Lily are more than friends and business partners. Are things getting serious between you two? Lily briefly mentions Amanda trying to get Billy to cop a plea – then is challenged on having no doubts that Billy’s innocent.

Rey’s at the Chancellor estate to ask Chance if he knows Alyssa Montallo. Try to remember more details from that day – did he see anyone else there?

Chance saw Alyssa twice; once she asked him Adam’s part in what happened in Vegas. He also walked in on a confrontation between Chelsea and Alyssa; who’d just found out that Adam had no intention of publishing her article. He used her info to blackmail Victor. Then, she found out that Adam was the one who killed her Father. Chance realizes that Rey suspects she might have been the shooter.

Alyssa’s about to leave her suite at TGP but changes her mind when she catches a glimpse of a cop outside.

Lily denies having any doubts about Billy’s innocence. His hatred for Adam’s lead him to violence in the past, Amanda prods. You can read his mind or his heart? Lily feels she’s being cross-examined. Amanda’s so happy for Lily if she’s right – so, am I? You’re badgering the witness, Lily admits there’s more than spark and banter between her and Billy. A dour-faced Vikki’s arrival wipes the smiles off their faces.

Lola’s trying out a new recipe and Elena gets to be her guinea pig – she also has a dumb slapstick movie ready to go. Maybe this was a bad idea, she realizes. Nate appreciates the support but wants time to absorb the news and where to go from here. You don’t have to leave to do that – pretend I’m not here, Elena encourages.

Billy’s put a lot of faith into you two, Vikki hopes Lily and Amanda don’t disappoint him. Yes, she went to visit him – she’s worried about their children. As she fishes for info, Mike calls to summon Amanda to the station. Now alone with Vikki, Lily will call her if there’s any news. That’s OK – Vikki will wait.