Friday, December 18th, 2020

At ChanceCom, Billy’s traded his orange jumpsuit for a business suit. He’s a free man, and it’s all thanks to Lily (who looks equally happy)

Jack and Sally are both at CL’s for their morning coffee. No, she’s not going to visit family – her aunt Sally and sister CoCo are in the tropics. Lauren would be thrilled to give you a holiday, Jack’s surprised to hear Sally ‘can’t’.

Now that Rey’s solved his case, he can deliver Sharon’s gifts. At CL’s, he wants to make this Christmas special for his bride to be. It will be – Sharon’s finished radiation and with her beloved family and soon to be groom.

In their suite at TGP, Summer thanks Kyle for giving her such a wonderful birthday last night. Having made all the arrangements for the joint Jabot-Fenmore’s Christmas party, she frowns at the tie Kyle holds up to his neck – something’s missing.

Sharon’s troubled when Faith shows up at CL’s for a brownie instead of going to a skating party.

On the patio, Jack invites Sally over to the Abbott’s for some egg nog and festivities. I just might, Sally’s left to mull it over.

Surprised to hear that Kyle took his Teardrop of Love tie clip to the jewelers for a cleaning, Summer figures it will be all polished up for Christmas then. Let’s get this last day of work over with so we can begin our holidays, she leads the way.

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Mildly disappointed that he didn’t get to confront Alyssa, Billy’s moved on to planning a surprise for Lily. But when Vikki calls, he heads off to NE to see the kids (which Lily doesn’t seem to mind at all)

In the apartment, Lola and Rey reminisce about family Christmases. She’s so excited that Arturo’s coming to the wedding on New Year’s Eve (Rey, not so much)

Sharon suggests Faith go skating with Mariah and Tessa. I’m going later, Faith insists. Jordan appears on cue – she hasn’t ghosted Faith but the mean girls started picking on her. Pleased that Jordan wants to hang out with her anyway, Faith wonders what they’ll do.

Billy’s vague about someone blaming him for doing something bad. Delighted to hear their Dad’s coming to their house on Christmas, Johnny and Katie are distracted with candy canes as their parents discuss their schedule. When Billy announces that he’s going out of town for the night, Vikki wonders what could be so important.

Vikki guesses Billy’s going somewhere with Lily – she’s not blind. All but admitting that he and Lily have grown close, Billy wonders if that bothers Vikki.

After Sharon watches Faith leave with Jordan, Sally comes in to say that Jack’s right; this place is a slice of home. Sharon’s won over immediately and shares her wedding plans with her new friend.

Rey and Lola decide on a safe word – habanero (if things get weird with Arturo) Rey’s glad Sharon’s happy and healthy – he’s not nervous, he’s excited. You deserve it, Lola takes some lessons from her break up with Kyle. Rey’s sure it will happen for his sister too.

In the boardroom, Jack’s pleased that Kyle’s bringing Summer over for boxing day. Talk of what Kyle’s getting Summer for Christmas is interrupted by Jack (who leaves Kyle to offer to get her infinity necklace cleaned) I lost it, she admits. Kyle’s left alone to wonder ‘what now’?

No, Vikki’s not bothered that Billy’s dating Lily – you do better when someone’s grounding you. He’s sorry for all he put her through. Take it slow, Vikki’s not sure Lily’s prepared for what a relationship with Billy’s like. She can handle herself and we have the same passion. Pain flickers across Vikki’s face.

At Society, Jordan pretends that it’s news that one of Faith’s aunts owns the restaurant and the other is the chef. Lola in the kitchen to make them some food, Jordan wastes no time manipulating Faith.

On the patio, Sally leaves a message for CoCo – all about Kyle, Summer, Lauren and Jack (who she’ll have to look out for)

Jack’s home to flashback to last Christmas with Dina (who was beginning to lose her memory) Choking up, he turns away from the tree.

Billy’s back at the office chartering the Chancellor private jet – there will be two passengers.

Jordan wants Faith to show that she’s fearless – I’ll distract the bartender while you swipe a bottle. Nervously agreeing, Faith eyes the unattended bottles as Rey and Sharon arrive.

Your chariot awaits – we’re going to New Orleans for dinner, Billy surprises Lily. It’s a bit over the top, Lily laughs. I’m so happy and grateful, Billy feels different. You’re charming, Lily would love to have dinner anywhere with him. On cue, Vikki calls. Johnny playing happily in the background, she claims that he’s worried his Dad won’t be back in time for Christmas.

Summer returns to Jabot to inform Kyle that she went shopping for a gift for her Mom and saw his tie clip at the jeweler’s. The jewel fell out, he lies. You can’t just replace it, Summer’s so devastated she misses Kyle’s smirk.

When Sharon and Rey come over, Jordan thanks them for buying lunch, the sits to praise Faith when they move on. Don’t be mad at me, I couldn’t do it, Faith admits. Aside, Rey comments that Jordan’s a nice kid who looks you in the eye. Sharon looks forward to growing old with Rey. Their I love you’s are interrupted by Lola – we have a wedding to plan.

On the phone, Billy assures Johnny that he’ll be back for Christmas. Love you, bye. After he hangs up, Lily decides they can’t go away. Billy sighs, knowing she’s right.