Monday, December 21st, 2020

Lily doesn’t want to take the risk of Billy disappointing his kids on Christmas Day – you’d never forgive yourself.

Chance jokes about the ‘fertility idol’ he received as a wedding gift from good ole Kenny. We might need it, Abby’s disappointed that she’s not carrying a Christmas surprise.

On the patio, Nate’s optimistic after a day of teaching first-year residents. He and Elena look awkward and guilty when Devon arrives.

Fine, Billy will come up with a romantic New Year’s Eve for Lily. He’ll listen to her from now on. Keep your schedule open, he suddenly needs to do ‘something’.

Abby ends a call with Billy (who’s arranging a surprise for Lily)

Billy joins Lola in the kitchen – he hopes she’ll go above and beyond (in a different way that her detective brother did)

Dropping by the estate, Kevin and Chloe put their feet in their mouths until Abby runs out near tears. She’s having an off day, Chance explains before following.

As Nate and Devon make awkward small talk, Elena excuses herself. This hasn’t been easy for her, Nate explains. Guess that’s true all around, Devon states matter of factly.

Rejoining Nate (busy on his phone) Elena looks at Devon (now inside) as she flashes back to how happy they were last Christmas. Devon will be fine, Nate snaps her out of it. He’s hurting, Elena’s sure. It’s time we all moved on, Nate believes.

Lola loves a challenge but can’t create a personal menu for him with Society so busy. Oh, about that – Billy reserved the whole restaurant. In that case, it’ll be fun, Lola leaves Billy to call Lily – meet me at Society in an hour.

Amanda finds Lily smiling at her phone. She’s nervous about what Billy has planned and thinks/hopes things are getting serious. Lily has a favour to ask – come with me.

Back at CL’s, it’s Devon’s turn to reflect as he gazes at Elena. Looking equally glum, she looks inside a second after Devon leaves.

After packing a few things up, Kevin teases Chloe about being sentimental about the estate. I was born on those stairs – this place is magical. Would you rather stay here? Kevin asks. Chloe’s look says ‘yes’.

Billy’s busy setting the theme when Abby shows up at Society. He hated thinking she thought him guilty and sorry he showed up at GCM looking for a story. And here’s Chance to check on his wife.

Amanda nixes several dresses until Lily finally comes out in one she approves of (which wouldn’t have been my choice; I’d have chosen the red one) Have fun tonight, Amanda leaves – then answers a call. That can’t be, she frowns.