Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

Amanda’s too overwhelmed to make this decision. Devon understands – but don’t rule it out; meeting Nia might be a wonderful Christmas present.

The tamales look great, Rey says. However, as Sharon natters away at him from the kitchen, the expression on his face indicates that the tamales aren’t as good as they look.

As Kyle teases Nick about beating him on the ice, Phyllis arrives to ask what she missed. Jack summons Kyle to the patio via text – the mystery of the missing necklace has been solved. Kyle smiles at the jewelry box. Inside, Phyllis solves Summer’s tie clip problem – your Christmas wish has been granted. She and Jack then exchange a dramatic wink and thumbs up.

How are they? Sharon can’t wait to try them. Rey’s suddenly in a hurry to watch at TV show. Taking her first bite, Sharon nearly chokes – I ruined our family tradition before it even got started. Tamales are tricky, Rey decides they’ll make them together next time.

As Devon flashes back to Hilary being emotional about her Mother, Amanda returns to her suite to text her PI. Informed that Naya lives in Wilmette, Illinois, she checks the drive time from GC.

Coming home to mope, Jack gets a text from Sally. Yes, the invitation to come over for Christmas still stands.

Kyle and Summer are back at TGP. Oh, how to warm up from skating. Your place or mine? Summer hopes it’ll soon be ‘our’ place.

At Cl’s, Phyllis updates Nick on Summer and Kyle’s Christmas gift dilemma – and now it’s time for mistletoe.

Amanda calls Devon; Naya lives an hour from here. Come with? Yes, he’s in. You make the playlist, I’ll pick you up tomorrow.

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