Friday, December 25th, 2020

Back from a great visit with Connor, Adam and Chelsea wave off the fleeting thought that they’re spoiling Connor. He deserves all those presents. Putting on a brave face, Chelsea sees no reason to worry about her upcoming procedure. She’s sure everything will go back to ‘normal’ soon.

At CL’s, Rey and Sharon readout tasks from their ‘Groom’ and ‘Bride’ to-do lists. Tessa has something to add – she needs something to rhyme with ‘pookie’ – any suggestions? As Mariah smirks, Tessa and Sharon trip over each other debating which one of them is more grateful to the other.

Is this a golden ticket? Am I finally being granted access to the Escape Club? Nick jokes as he opens an envelope. What is this? A payment; not early as Phyllis plans to pay weekly as opposed to monthly. As she changes the topic to what she’d do to Vikki if they were in the same room, Vikki has ‘the gall’ to show up at TGP.

Devon understands Amanda’s strong reaction to seeing her biological Mother hugging another grown daughter like that. Yeah, well there’s more to the story, Amanda’s pissed.

Amanda’s PI wasn’t able to get info on her birth mother because the family has a history in politics. Naya gave away twins then went on to marry another man, have his child and live a life of luxury.

Tessa has a confession to make; she’s having writer’s block. Mariah’s sure that Sharon will love whatever she comes up with. Don’t give up – you need inspiration. Mariah will remind Tessa how true love changes everything.

The procedure might sound scary but these surgeons are specialists. Adam wants to focus on Chelsea – nobody in GC matters to him anymore.

The gall of that woman, Phyllis vows to ignore Vikki. Nick doubts that. Phyllis means it. Now, if you’ll excuse me – she leaves the room. Nick joins Vikki. Though she’s eager to move on from what happened with TGP, Nick’s not sure he can forgive his sister.

Nick accuses Vikki of taking her vendetta too far by lauding it over Phyllis. She was trying to do the right thing and you were sandbagging her. Oh, now she wants to play by the rules (Vikki lists times Phyllis didn’t) We’ll have to do this some other time (she can’t get away from Nick fast enough)

At Society, Adam and Billy go toe to toe; verbal punches thrown back and forth.

Adam wonders what Billy would do with all his time (if you didn’t have me to kick around) Disappear, Billy encourages – as Sharon arrives.

At CL’s, Kevin leaves yet another message for Mike; this Gloria situation involves Vikki and NE. I’ll keep calling til you pick up ~click~ Phyllis slithers in offering to stand in for Mike – let’s catch up, it’s been too long (said the spider to the fly)

Chelsea admits that she’s terrified of this brain surgery. And when Chloe connects the dots that Adam caused her elevator fall, Chelsea just wants to put everything in the past; including Adam’s family and Sharon.