Tuesday, December 22nd, 2020

Rey comes home to find Sharon wearing an apron covered in tamales ingredients; a recipe she got from his Mom. I’m madly in love with you, he gushes.

Arriving at Jack’s before Phyllis and Summer, Nick needs some advice – on Phyllis.

Phyllis just loves this hotel – your Aunt Vikki tried to steal it; your Dad rode to my rescue, she complains to Summer. This was MY crowning achievement – I should have been tougher. If other people aren’t playing by the rules, why should I?

Nikki joins Victor at Cl’s to marvel at how handsome he is.

Amanda tells Devon that her birth Mother was Rose’s cousin – she’s alive – I can go see her right now.

Nick doesn’t understand why Phyllis is sour over his bail-out. She’s frustrated and tired of doing things by the book – maybe she’s planning something. Jack sighs – Phyllis is her own worst enemy.

Phyllis is annoyed that Summer doesn’t understand – what if a your new job was due to Kyle putting in a good word? Summer sees where her Mom’s coming from. Phyllis wishes she didn’t feel that Nick owns her. I need to control my life again.

Amanda explains to Devon that Rose had a younger cousin, Nia (who Nadine, the neighbour, remembers) Here’s a photo, Amanda holds up her phone. Nia wasn’t poor – she had the resources to find me but didn’t – why? she asks Devon.

Amanda appreciates having someone to talk to; someone who understands and cares. Nia didn’t return her PI’s calls – she wants to confront her. Devon thinks Amanda should follow her gut and not worry about being hurt.

Back at Cl’s, Nikki isn’t happy that Victor’s not a gung ho on going to london.

Sally said you were a big help with Fenmore’s dressing room app, Jack questions Kyle. What’s your take on her? Ambitious, smart, savvy and not hard to like. That better be my daughter you’re talking about, Nick reappears. Nope – lauren’s new assistant, Kyle wonders how long he’ll be on probation. Forever, Nick says as he excuses himself to take a call from the nanny. That leaves Kyle to share his frustration over how to gift Summer with a piece of the Teardrop of love. You’ll think of something, Jack’s sure.

Before they go to the Abbott’s, Phyllis wants an update on Summer’s relationship with Kyle. Hearing that she’s hit a snag with Kyle’s Christmas gift, Phyllis wants to help.

Nikki nags Victor into going to london – then declares him the most wonderful man she’s ever met when he decides they’ll spend Christmas in Trafalgar Square.

Phyllis and Summer now at the Abbott mansion, it’s decided that they’ll all go skating. As the kids and Nick race out, Jack stalls Phyllis to share that Kyle’s hit a snag with Summer’s gift – he wants to incorporate a piece of the Teardrop of love into her infinity necklace. And she wants to add diamonds from her infinity necklace into his tie clip, Phyllis thinks it so adorable and romantic – we need to fix this. Reappearing to see what the hold up is, Nick’s left puzzled when Phyllis runs out; Jack too (off to McPherson’s Jewelers they go)

Amanda and Devon debate whether she should go meet her biological Mother. He can’t tell her what to do, but you won’t know how it’ll go with Nia if you don’t try.