Monday, December 28th, 2020

Nick drops by Sharon’s to chit chat about how much Christian likes the robot she and Rey gave him for Christmas. He has something more serious to say too.

At CL’s, Mariah needs Faith’s help choosing what earrings to wear. Sent photos via text, Faith chooses the last pair. Her friends? All away for the holiday. On cue, Jordan plods over to a booth (ignoring Faith) Someone you know? Mariah asks.

Catching up at Jabot, Sally tells Lauren that she misses her family. Everyone here’s been so nice though – she feels she belongs. Jack listens from the door.

Rey updates Chance that Mike has an airtight case against Alyssa. He can’t help but feel sorry for the girl; yet another person Adam’s used. Sorry – I know you were close. No need, Chance no longer feels any loyalty towards Adam.

At TGP, Elena and Nate both enjoyed spending the holidays working overtime at GCM.

Billy welcomes Lily back to the office with flowers. He knew her flight was delayed because he was tracking it. That’s sweet, I missed you too. Dinner? Lily has work to catch up on. OK, a working dinner – Billy as something to discuss.

No, Nick hasn’t changed his mind about being Rey’s best man – he’s happy for both of them, not that you need my approval or anything. Sharon appreciates having Nick in her corner.

That’s Jordan, Faith tells Mariah – then goes over to make small talk – the wedding’s tomorrow; you coming? It’s at Society. Unimpressed, Jordan’s clearly mad that Faith didn’t steal booze the other day. Mariah appears to invite them inside for treats.

Sally didn’t mean to whine – she appreciates Lauren and Jack making her feel welcome. Done eavesdropping, Jack walks into the boardroom.

Elena appreciates Nate keeping her company but wishes he’d gone to visit his Mom. She misses Lola (a friend she’s grown close to) When the time’s right, Elena will start over and live by herself – but not now.

Rey adores you, Nick states the obvious. And he’s glad Sharon’s given up on helping Adam. Proud of the woman she’s become, Nick wishes Sharon all the well deserved happiness coming her way.

Billy thinks ChanceCom should run a piece distancing themselves from Alyssa. He’s glad the system worked and wants ChanceCom to focus on heroes, not villains. Like who? You. Sorry, not happening, Lily quickly rejects the idea.

I’m a free man because of you, Billy persists. Abby makes a beeline over – did you mention my husband’s name? Yes, Billy was just pitching a story about what a hero he is. Abby thinks that a great idea.

Sharon and Nick agree that Faith shouldn’t go back to boarding school. She’s gone through a lot; Rey and Lola will be good role models.

Jordan isn’t impressed to hear that Mariah dates Tessa Porter (and joined her on tour) She’s a nerd who doesn’t party; in fact, she’s going to meet her study group. That leaves Faith to grumble about Mariah bringing up partying.