Tuesday, December 29th, 2020

At CL’s, Mariah’s ‘obsessing’ over how many treats she’s boxed up for tonight’s wedding. You need to chill, Faith agrees – then rolls her eyes when Tessa offers to get her some sparkling cider.

Lola refuses to referee when Rey gives Arturo grief for having no recent photos of his nephew. Mia would be here, but … Sharon appears to thank Arturo for coming. Not only is he a guest but he will be officiating too.

Nick wishes Phyllis was coming to the wedding. Naw, she wants Sharon to have a perfect day.

At the penthouse, Chelsea puts on a brave face to take a video call from Connor. No worries – the surgery’s minor; your Dad’s taking good care of me.

Adam drops by the estate to thank Chance for taking a bullet meant for him. Also, goodbye. Yeah, Chance heard he was leaving town – bon voyage. What are you doing here? Abby walks in to ask.

We’ve said everything we need to say, Chance makes it clear that Adam’s visit has ended. Society’s closed for a private event, Abby (for no particular reason) blabs. After Adam leaves, Chance doubts they’ll see him again.

Chelsea will see Connor just as soon as she’s allowed to travel. With blown kisses and I love you’s, she ends the chat to reveal how stressed she is.

Sharon and Rey are enjoying a video chat with Celeste (who shoos the Rosales trio off to have a private word with her soon to be daughter in law) Rey was so supportive, Sharon tears up as she reflects on beating cancer. Meanwhile, Rey tells Arturo that he’s happy for him – now that he’s marrying the woman of his dreams.

Showing Rey photos Mia just sent, Arturo wonders if he and Sharon will be having any kids. No, Rey will settle for being Faith’s stepdad. He’s then left to gush over Sharon; perfection.

Chance and Abby are joined by Nick at Society. Relieved that Phyllis isn’t coming, it’s Adam they’re more worried about (though Abby made it clear he wasn’t invited to the wedding) He even said something nice on his way out – that marriage agrees with us.

Adam calls Chelsea from CL’s (picking up cupcakes and dinner; all her favourites) Not thrilled to learn that he might be hearing from a real estate agent near Connor’s school, Adam hangs up to spar with Phyllis – who doesn’t believe either of them has really changed.

Mariah, Tessa and Faith are at the house to set out snacks and get the bride ready. Drinks are poured, toasts are made. Sharon will remember this day for the rest of her life. She goes upstairs to leave Tessa to report that her agent wants her to perform – tonight. Mariah orders her to go.

Phyllis prods Adam, suggesting that Sharon’s the love of his life. Does Chelsea know she’s a consolation prize?

Now at Society, Nick assures Rey that everything will be fine – don’t be nervous. He then calls to ask Phyllis to bring over the wedding gift he forgot. Lola comes out for some more Rosales sibling banter. Then Faith for compliments on how grown up she is – followed by Mariah. Now, it’s everyone’s turn to smile at the bride.

Tessa’s song is piped in as Faith and Mariah emerge – again – followed by Sharon – again. The groom looks utterly besotted as Arturo begins. Guess someone forgot to put out the ‘Sorry we’re closed’ sign – because here’s Adam peering in through the doorway.