Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

At Society, Rey recites heartfelt vows he wrote for his best friend. Adam’s about to leave when he hears Sharon’s voice. She loves Rey madly, more every day. Unseen as he lurks at the front entrance, Adam mopes.

Wearing her TGP fluffy white robe, drink in hand, Amanda relives seeing her birth Mother warmly welcoming her (presumed) other daughter. Jumping up, she swipes away a tear and scrambles for some clothes to put on.

Alone and lonely at home, Devon unpacks Chinese take out – and a nice cold beer to ring in the New Year *sigh*

As Chance stokes the fire, Abby assures him that no, she has no problem whatsoever with him wanting her all to himself tonight.

Sharon thanks Rey for being her rock – she’ll support him, even when his soccer team loses – and gives her heart, her hand – now and forever. Everyone smiles on (except Adam of course)

Adding some touching words, Arturo believes Rey and Sharon’s love will stand the test of time. Phyllis sneaks up on Adam – what are you doing here?? A couple of hours ago you were telling me how in love with Chelsea you are. I knew it was a lie. Adam’s seen what he needed to – Sharon’s happy. Does Chelsea know you’re here? As the door closes behind Adam, Nick turns to see Phyllis dropping off the gift and smiles, oblivious – as Sharon and Rey exchange rings and vows.

Chelsea wakes up on the couch – Adam? Agh! she touches the back of her head and winces in agony.

Our first tree – and now it’s time to put it all away until next year, Abby announces. Actually no, it’s time for sex.

Amanda’s sorry to turn up at Devon’s door unannounced – who does that on New Year’s Eve? I’ll go. No, Devon apologizes (for the lack of New Year’s cheer)- it’s just me and take out – prepare to be disappointed. This is pretty sad, but Amanda’s starving (for food and company)

Clutching the back of her head, Chelsea drops to the floor and calls 911. She barely manages to get the address out before passing out.

All applaud and call for champagne as the newlyweds kiss. Mariah and Faith lead the toast (yes, Faith’s is sparkling cider) As Sharon’s daughters, they welcome Rey to the family. The best man now gets to toast his ex-wife, on his birthday no less. Jokes aside, Nick respects Rey for rallying Team Sharon and trusts him with his ‘kid’. Seems he loves Rey just as much as Sharon does. After all clink glasses, Sharon sets the record straight – she loves Rey more than Nick does.

Lola has a surprise for the newlyweds – Celeste congratulates them from Miami via video chat. Sharon’s honoured to officially be a Rosales and looks forward to meeting the family. Lola’s happy to have gained two sisters. If anyone messes with Faith, they have to go through her first. When Jordan arrives, Nick’s railroaded into letting Faith sleepover at her friend’s – but be back in the morning, before your Mom and Rey head off on their honeymoon. When Mariah tells everyone to grab a drink for the countdown, Faith and Jordan are all smiles.