Wednesday, December 30th, 2020

Chance is bare-chested, Abby’s wearing his shirt. Couples fight most about money, sex and children – so we’re golden.

Seated at the coffee table for Chinese food and beer, Amanda doesn’t want to talk about Maya or anything serious. Guessing Devon’s had some wild nights, she encourages him to share some stories.

As Adam gets home to find Chelsea on the floor, the medics arrive. She was diagnosed with a cerebral aneurysm and is scheduled to have surgery tomorrow – we get her to the hospital RIGHT NOW! he orders.

Sure, Devon went through a wild phase but he didn’t have any groupies. Amanda’s intrigued by this side of Devon – and his tattoos. Hearing a ruckus in the hallway, Devon steps out to watch Adam barking orders – I’ll meet you at the hospital – GO! Chelsea’s being rushed to the hospital, Devon rejoins Amanda.

5,4,3,2,1 – Happy New Year! The crowd at Society is having a blast as they ring in 2021.

Chelsea was unconscious – Adam was freaked out, but Devon’s not sure he needs to call anyone or do anything. I’m fine, he assures Amanda. Fireworks go off – it’s 2021 – we missed it. After a long stare, Amanda thanks Devon for letting her crash his night. She had fun too. I’m here if you need anything, Devon’s disappointed when she hurries out.

Back at the Chancellor estate, Abby and Chance pack up Christmas ornaments as they joke about who makes the rules.

Rey (in a crown) and Sharon (in a tiara) are interrupted by noisemakers. When Mariah asks Nick if he’ll ever get married again, he opines that she has Sharon’s heart. Mariah loves that her Mom’s glowing; she radiates kindness. Once worried that her Mom might not live, Mariah beams – look at her now. That’s the way you look with Tessa, Nick says. Lucky me, Mariah’s not smiling.

Chelsea’s aneurysm burst, Elena explains the surgery to be performed. There’s no need for Adam to stay – we’ll call if there’s any news (but Elena doubts that’ll be the case) Adam’s left to heave a sigh in the waiting room.

(Auld Lang Syne montage) As Mariah and Lola agree that tonight was magical, Faith quietly delights Jordan by pulling out her bottle of booze. Amanda gets a call from Maya – why do you keep calling me? Were you parked outside my house Christmas Eve? What do you want? Amanda sits – stunned speechless…. Devon awakens from a nap that included dreams of Elena and Amanda. … Nate sends Elena a text – Happy New Year’s – he hopes this year will be better for both of them (Elena isn’t enthused) … Nick returns to find a scantily clad Phyllis in bed – happy birthday, baby ~kiss~ … Chance and Abby share their first dance of 2021 … Adam’s home to pour a drink (but not drink it) … Rey carries Sharon across the threshold – Happy New Year, Mrs Rosales ~kiss~

Next week: Maya answers the phone – do I know you? I’m the daughter you didn’t give to your cousin Rose – I’d very much like to see you, Amanda starts crying … Summer – I need to know more about Sally’s story, to know what she’s really up against. What will you do? Kyle asks. Summer will pack her best Forrester Creations – she’s headed to LA.

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