Monday, January 4th, 2020

Dropping by NE, Victor and Nikki have brought a nicely wrapped gift back from London; for Vikki and the kids (to be opened at home) They’re stunned to hear that Chelsea’s in the hospital due to a stroke caused by a burst aneurysm.

At the penthouse, Adam’s on the phone demanding an update on Chelsea. No change? I need to see her and she needs me there. If you don’t let me see her today there’ll be hell to pay ~click~

Debating Billy at the office, Lily thinks it would be egotistical for ChanceCom to run a story portraying one of its CEO’s as a hero-detective. When asked to be the tiebreaker, Amanda doesn’t hesitate or pull punches – this would destroy every bit of credibility this company has.

At Society, Sally bids Kyle a good morning – are you going to ignore me too? (like Summer) You know Summer better than anyone – is there any chance I can fix things?

In Jabot’s boardroom, Jack asks Summer for help with Sally. Met with resistance, Jack happens to think that Sally IS worth his valuable time so hopes Summer will hear him out.

Suggesting that Theo started the problem between Summer and Sally, Jack claims that Sally’s insecure – can’t you give her another chance?

** Well, unbeknownst to moi, it looks like the show aired on Friday. My New Year’s resolution is to stop procrastinating – but that’ll have to wait. Because hockey is on and Canada’s winning 4-0. Cheers!!

Back at Society, Sally accepts 25% of the blame but Theo’s 75% to blame. He told Summer that I was after her job and her man. No, that’s not true – no offense. Kyle knows Sally has ambitions beyond being Lauren’s assistant. Yes, but she’ll move up the ladder in time and on her own merits – Sally admires what Summer’s accomplished.

Amanda suggests another expose. On Alyssa? No – we can shine the spotlight on someone else who was just as deeply involved but who the readers can empathize with. Who? Me?! Billy’s stunned.

After Victor leaves a message for Adam, Nikki discourages him from getting involved – you might make matters worse. I need to be with him, Victor hopes his wife and daughter understand that. See you later. The ladies are left to gape at each other.

Vikki’s heart goes out to Chelsea and Connor but she has no sympathy for Adam. Nikki’s annoyed that Victor’s injecting himself into a stressful situation so soon after a relaxing vacation. The best outcome would be Chelsea recovering and taking Adam away to live with Connor.

Let the audience see the story through Billy’s eyes – how his need for vengeance came back to bite him (and almost cost him his freedom) You get a platform to tell your story – to address your flawed history. Lily still refuses to be painted as a hero but agrees with Billy’s idea that she’s driven to uphold ChanceCome’s pursuit of the truth.

Victor drops by the penthouse to ask how Chelsea’s doing. Unconscious – they won’t let me see her, Adam gripes about hitting brick walls. Victor’s probably paid for the wing Chelsea’s staying in – so he makes a call to announce that he’s bringing in specialists to treat Chelsea Lawson.