Monday, January 4th, 2020

Lily and Amanda are left to agree that Billy’s changed the last few months (which Lily’s given credit for) Amanda needs a fresh pair of eyes – buy you a coffee?

Business out of the way, Jack brings up the situation between Summer and Sally (who appreciates Jack trying to ease the tension between the two) Appreciating the support, Sally will do whatever it takes to win Summer over.

At Society, Summer asks Kyle for advice on Sally. Keep her close, he suggests. Summer’s feathers are ruffled – you’re on her side? No, Kyle thinks Summer should keep an eye on Sally. He’s not sure what to make of Sally – we need to get her to drop her defences. On cue, Summer gets a text – Sally wants to clear the air. With a sigh, she replies – ‘sure’.

Adam thanks Victor (who assures that Chelsea will now be in the best hands) Reaching out to your Father was the right thing to do. Chelsea will pull through. Adam worries that the woman he loves is paying the price for his lifetime of sins. Will I ever get it right? Victor’s sure he will.

Victor gets a call from the Chief of Staff at Memorial – Chelsea’s paralyzed on one side and can’t speak but Adam can go visit. I can’t thank you enough, Adam leaves his Dad in the penthouse.

At CL’s, Amanda fills Lily in on seeing her biological Mother. Devon drove me out there – he’s been very supportive. I hope that doesn’t bother you. Not at all and Lily thinks Devon’s right – Amanda should seek the truth.

At Society, Vikki tells Billy that the kids are excited about going to the winter festival with him. Asked about his trip with Lily, Billy informs that he didn’t go – then expresses skepticism that Johnny was worried he wouldn’t be back for Christmas. You wouldn’t use Johnny to derail my trip with Lily, would you?

Indignant, Vikki had no ulterior motive – she’d never use the kids like that. Billy reminds that she once called while he was with Phyllis to say that Katie couldn’t sleep. You’re kidding me right now, Vikki scoffs at Billy’s ego. She IS cool with him seeing Lily – not so cool with these accusations. Billy will drop it – he had a nice Christmas and a good time with Lily. Vikki’s glad.

In the boardroom, Lauren praises the way Jack’s handling the Sally-Summer dilemma. They’re a lot alike. Remember the stunts we pulled to get ahead? The hell we raised. How did we become anyone’s role models? Both think Sally has a lot of potential (though Lauren suspects here’s more to the story of why she came to GC)

On the CL’s patio, Sally apologizes to Summer (she shouldn’t have believed Theo) He said you were trying to get me fired. I’m not after your job and would do anything for Lauren. Kyle’s hot but not my type. Summer knows it must be hard moving to a new town and fitting in. Sally hopes they can start over – maybe become friends, sing karaoke. Summer’s eyebrows say ‘uh, no’.

By the time Summer returns to Jabot, Kyle’s already received a text from Sally (saying they’ve buried the hatchet) Summer’s not fooled and is going to LA to find out the full story on Sally.

Back at ChanceCom, Billy thanks Lily for being his guardian angel – this article will be good for me and us. You’ll learn all my deepest, darkest secrets. Lily thinks him brave to go under the microscope like this. Promise me one thing – if you ever need anything, I’m always here. I don’t scare easy.

Maya answers her phone. My name is Amanda Sinclair. Do I know you? No – I’m the daughter you didn’t give to your cousin Rose. I’d very much like to meet you, Amanda cries.

Adam walks into Chelsea’s room. She’s awake but unable to move except to blink.