Tuesday, December 5th, 2020

At TGP, Phyllis is glad to hear that things are going well with Nick (who’s watching Faith while Sharon and Rey are on their honeymoon) Watch out for Jordan, she warns. Nick appreciates the tip – lunch later? He’s going by the hospital to check on Chelsea. Really? Phyllis is not impressed.

In Chelsea’s room, Adam delivers a pep talk. You just have to regain your strength. He hopes she can hear him. Seeing what he believes to be a ‘signal’, Adam thanks God – you can communicate – that’s a start. Knowing that his actions set this whole thing in motion, Adam hopes Chelsea can forgive him.

Nate joins Elena at CL’s to update that Victor’s brought a specialist in to treat Chelsea. Elena thinks she’s already in the best hands possible (with Nate) He’d run the whole damn hospital if it were up to her.

Amanda thanks Devon for meeting her (in TGP lounge) He’s proud of her for calling her birth Mother. She agreed to meet me here, today, Amanda adds.

Amanda tells Devon that Naya noticed them sitting outside her house on Christmas Eve – it took a lot of persuading to get her to come to GC. She sure didn’t want me to come to her home, Amanda suspects Naya doesn’t want her husband or daughter asking questions.

Do you have a problem with me going to check on Chelsea? Nick wonders. You aren’t close to her anymore – she has Adam, Phyllis points out. He kidnapped her, Nick blames Chelsea’s stroke on the stress. Yes, but she chose to go back to Adam again and again, Phyllis has no sympathy and is tired of Nick playing white knight. Go see Chelsea – I don’t care – but respect that she’s made her own choices.

Perched on Chelsea’s bed, Adam vows to stand by her – and don’t worry about Connor. She just moved her left hand, he informs when Nate arrives to examine his patient.

In the hallway, Nate reassures Adam that he’s not offended that Victor brought Dr Cabbott onboard. And no, he doesn’t hold a grudge for almost losing his license when Adam messed with Victor’s meds. Nate appreciates Adam’s candor but will treat Chelsea to the best of his ability. There’s an entire stroke recovery team here too. Adam hopes they make house calls – he’s taking Chelsea home.

Long time no see – we should catch up, Kevin accosts Vikki on the CL’s patio. He read the profile ChanceCom did – congrats for taking NE to great heights. It can’t be easy taking over for Victor – and you made some bold moves – without scandal even. Vikki’s not hiring. Oh, Kevin’s not buttering her up – he’s happy at the GCPD and just wants to see Vikki succeed. After she leaves, Kevin smirks to himself – you have no idea how much I’ve done to help you.

Back at TGP, Amanda’s hoping for the best but expecting the worst. Devon praises her for having the guts to make the call. Want me there for moral support? Amanda doesn’t want to spook Naya – but declares Devon the best friend she could ask for; you gave me the courage to reach out to Naya. They laugh, unaware that a pouty Elena’s watching.

Devon has a few last-minute words of support. Amanda’s just looking for answers – good or bad, if she gets them, this day will be a success. Still watching the pair, Elena mopes out.

Adam has news for Nate – the Chief of Staff cleared Chelsea for release. Nate’s fine with collaborating with any specialists brought in but won’t sign off on that – it’s too dangerous. Adam’s having the penthouse outfitted – my Father already worked it out with your boss. Nate thinks this a mistake – if Chelsea needs another emergency surgery, getting her to the OR could be the difference between life and death. His mind made up, Adam goes to give Chelsea the news.