Tuesday, December 5th, 2020

Phyllis isn’t happy that Vikki’s at TGP for yet another business lunch (to support her brother’s investment) Phyllis has a plan to pay Nick back but has no intention of telling Vikki how. At least I have a man to go home to, she taunts. Oh, sorry – you have no one – you’re completely alone, Phyllis twists the knife.

Kevin’s typing away on his laptop when Phyllis accosts him on the patio. She’s glad to hear that things went well with Gloria and her ‘situation’. Yes, Kevin does have details for Phyllis – Gloria planned to blackmail an executive who was embezzling from NE; a CFO of a subsidiary in LA. Phyllis is surprised to hear that Vikki knows all about it.

At Society, Nate updates Elena that Adam’s taking Chelsea home then moves on to happier subjects. He would follow her anywhere – where are we going? You’ll see. As they stand to leave, Adam brushes past them to inform Nick that his help isn’t needed – he and Chelsea will get through this together. The only contact you’ve had with Chelsea is to tell her to leave me. Nick can’t say he’s wrong – you destroy everything you touch.

Adam would love to wipe the smug look off the high and mighty Nick’s sanctimonious face – but his focus is on Chelsea. Better late than never, Nick quips. Adam will save Chelsea to save himself. There it is – always about you, Nick smirks. Hearing that Victor’s the only one to express empathy, Nick cracks – so much for cutting yourself off from the family. No, Nick can’t visit Chelsea at GCM – Adam’s taking her home (and Nick’s not welcome there)

Kevin doesn’t know for a fact that Vikki’s aware of the embezzler – but he retired with little fanfare and the money was returned around the same time. Kevin suspects he was able to slink off with his reputation intact. Phyllis doubts Vikki would give anyone a free pass – she doesn’t want her Father to know that she’s so fixated on revenge against me that she’s not protecting her company. If Victor found out he’d remove her as CEO – we need to exploit this. WE? Kevin’s alarmed.

Elena meets Nate at TGP – where she’s reserved a room for them.

What proof does Gloria have? Phyllis asks. Hidden camera video – on a flashdrive Kevin found at the estate. You can’t seriously be thinking of putting the screws to Vikki, he balks – he just talked Gloria out of using it for blackmail. Phyllis wants to get back what Vikki ripped out from under her – and will make sure Kevin gets a little something for the kids’ education. Vikki must know that I, Phyllis Summers, have the upper hand on her! You’re very scary, Kevin’s left to look pale.

Elena makes it clear that she didn’t feel pressured to book this room at TGP. She was feeling guilty ‘last time’ – it’s up to us to forgive ourselves and enjoy a little, or a lot. Not needing to be asked twice, Nate quickly puts the ‘do not disturb’ sign on the doorknob.

Chelsea home and in a wheelchair, Adam introduces the nurse – the den’s being converted into a bedroom to make you comfortable. Helping you get well is my priority, Adam even called a truce with Victor; who’s been very generous and helpful. Adam will do whatever it takes to bring Chelsea back to him. She blinks.

Phyllis finds Nick in her bed drinking wine. Chelsea’s been released, he reports. But never mind that – stop talking and get over here.

Amanda’s waiting impatiently at TGP’s bar, with a glass of wine, when she gets a text from Naya – she’s not ready to do this.