Wednesday, January 6th, 2020

Amanda drops by Devon’s to update that Naya backed out of their meeting. She couldn’t go through with it.

Adam barges into ChanceCom to blast Billy (and, to a lesser extent, Lily) – reporters are hounding him – don’t exploit Chelsea’s medical condition. Look what your expose did to Faith. What this is doing to Chelsea is on YOU!

Tidying up Jabot’s boardroom, Sally tells Jack that she and Summer cleared the air – we might even become friends, and it’s all thanks to you.

Packing her suitcase, Summer claims that she’s going to check on JVC’s flagship store in LA. Kyle knows better. OK, Summer also plans to find out more about Sally – and she wants Kyle to come with her.

Kyle can’t just leave work behind to help Summer dig up dirt on Sally’s past. Summer’s meeting with Wyatt Spencer of Forrester Publications – happy coincidence that he used to date Sally. Come on, she nags. Kyle’s worried Summer’s actions may create an enemy that wouldn’t otherwise exist.

Jack’s glad to hear that Sally and Summer have agreed to a do-over. Amused by stories of her wild days (and mistakes made) Jack shares the story of a bachelor party ending up in a bar brawl – his mugshot was on the front page of The GC Chronicle (don’t look it up) both laugh.

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Back at ChanceCom, Adam blames Billy’s expose for the lengths he went to. Chelsea fell in the elevator because you cut power to the building, Billy accuses. Adam turns to appeal to Lily; a decent, rational person. I have a son who doesn’t know how serious his Mother’s condition is; I’d like to keep it that way. After Adam leaves, Lily hopes Billy isn’t thinking of actually ‘doing this’.

Amanda’s angry and frustrated. And hurt? Devon guesses. Yes, it took a lot to reach out to Naya. Realizing that going back to Illinois, making demands of Naya, won’t help matters, Amanda can only hope she has a change of heart.

Adam comes home to give Chelsea good news – Dr Cabbott is on her way over. The renowned specialist who Victor called in agrees that treating you at home is a good idea. You focus on getting better, I’ll handle everything else, Adam promises. In her wheelchair, Chelsea can only blink.

Lily won’t exploit Chelsea’s condition. Billy won’t either – but Adam caused Chelsea’s fall and we’re arbiters of the truth – why give Adam a pass? Lily reminds that Billy asked her to keep him in check if things got too personal. And that’s what she’s doing right now.

Billy insists he’s able to separate his personal feelings from the business. What are you two arguing about? Amanda arrives to ask. We’re not arguing, we’re having a spirited discussion, Billy claims. No, we’re arguing, Lily corrects (and explains why) Amanda has to side with Lily on this one – ChanceCom can’t be seen as creating news. Having given her legal advice, Amanda leaves Lily to wonder if Adam’s right; Billy’s obsessed. Seeing no reason to continue this conversation, Billy walks out.