Wednesday, January 6th, 2020

When Summer drops by the boardroom, Jack’s pleased that she and Sally cleared the air. She’s lucky to have you in her corner, Summer comments. Jack sees a lot of potential in Sally; she reminds me of myself back in the day. If Jack can channel Sally’s ambition and drive in the right direction, he sees that as a wonderful opportunity.

At TGP, Sally chats with Kyle – she wishes Theo hadn’t put the idea into Summer’s head that she was after her job and boyfriend. Kyle admits she had him wondering for a minute. Sally doesn’t have a hidden agenda – she’s been very upfront. First, you have to visualize a goal, then take steps to get what you want. Words to live by, Kyle’s left to look unsettled.

Adam’s perched on the couch as Dr Cabbott introduces herself to Chelsea by touting her success in this field. She’ll be straightforward about Chelsea’s treatment and prognosis. Adam tells me you’re a fighter – that’s good – you’ll need to be. We’ll begin with a few tests to assess your level of function – ready to get started? Chelsea blinks.

Devon stops by ChanceCom with coffee for Lily. Hearing a bit about the dilemma and that she and Billy are involved, he can relate to creative differences (something he and Hilary often fought over)

At Society, Jack’s been thinking about all the people who gave them second chances. Billy’s had a million-second chances, screwed up most of them. Listing all the good things in his life, he just can’t seem to get over his hatred for Adam. When Jack offers to listen over dinner, Billy declines – he needs to figure this out alone – before it costs him something he doesn’t want to lose.

Lily stops by Billy’s suite to say that she admires his passion and needs to try see things from his perspective. Billy admits he’s got a blind spot where Adam’s concerned, and that needs to stop. He wouldn’t want Johnny and Katie to know about things he’s done in his past and he doesn’t want to cause Chelsea and Connor pain. No more stories about Adam – it’s not worth it. Lily thinks that ‘magnificent’ – but can we really work together and be together?

With some words of encouragement, Dr Cabbott excuses herself to make some notes. That leaves Adam to pledge his love to Chelsea – he’ll be by her side through this whole thing.

At TGP, Summer tells Kyle that Sally’s really got Jack snowed – he went on and on about her potential – how she reminds him of his younger self. It was all I could do not to throw up. Kyle now believes that Sally can’t be trusted – he got a dose of her in action. She’s good – she can turn that charm off and on like a faucet. That’s why Summer’s going to LA – to prove Sally’s been working everyone. Hell yeah, Kyle’s coming – let’s find out who the real Sally Spectra is.

After Dr Cabbott leaves, Adam hopes Chelsea likes her as much as he does – seems like she’s on top of things. When Connor calls, Adam claims that his Mom’s asleep. I’ll tell her you love her – she loves you too.

We can make this work, by respecting each other and bringing out the best in each other, Billy knows they’ll disagree and challenge each other, but that’s what will keep things healthy and exciting – and give us opportunities to make up. Like right now – on this bed. Lily smiles.

Hey CoCo, Sally gets a call as she arrives at Society. How are things going here? Surprisingly well, she says as she looks over at Jack at the bar.

Devon awakens with a jolt from his nap on the sofa (dreaming that Amanda’s taking off her clothes)

In her suite, Amanda leaves a message for Naya – I know this is a difficult and confusing time for you. It is for me too. I don’t want anything. I just want to talk. Ending the call when someone knocks at the door, Amanda opens it. Leave my Mother alone, a young woman demands.