Thursday, January 7th, 2020

Elena and Nate are enjoying their suite at TGP. He’s freshly showered and clad in a towel – she’s in bed sipping champagne. When Nate gets a text from Lily, Elena insists he go see her – we’ll pick up where we left off later.

At ChanceCome, Billy informs Lily that he’s finally convinced the healthcare resource website they’ve been after to sell – but they want to meet in Seattle – right now. Lily’s determined to bring Nate onboard – he has everything we’re looking for. Billy instructs Lily to go see Nate – he’ll take care of the flight.

Amanda lets the angry woman into her suite. I’m not playing any game, she assures. My Mother says you are. OUR Mother. Please, I’m my Mother’s only child – you’re up to something. This isn’t the first time a con artist has come after our family. Stay the hell away from my Mother – no one threatens my family and gets away with it; ask anyone who’s tried.

In TGP lounge, Sally eyes Summer’s luggage. Since she hasn’t heard anything, this trip must be pleasure (not business) Where are you staying? I’ll make sure everything’s topped up. Look at the time – Summer’s gotta go. Wait, you didn’t say where you’re going. That’s right, I didn’t, a coy Summer wheels her suitcase out.

On the jet, Kyle gets a text from Summer – she’s on her way. Billy boards – these seats free? The jet’s already booked – Summer and I are going to LA, Kyle balks. Hope you’re not in a hurry, Billy gets comfy.

Kyle tries to kick Billy off the jet – I filed my flight plan hours ago. Check your email for a new itinerary, Billy munches peanuts. Think of the planet – we have to reduce our carbon footprint – is there a menu up there? Summer boards – what’s he doing here? He was just heading out. Out west, Billy quips. Summer concedes – we can travel together; can we go now? No, Billy’s waiting for one more passenger.

Lily meets Nate at Society – you’ve heard of AskMDnow, right? Yes, it’s a helpful resource but why did you send me the link? The site needs a face – yours. A spokesperson? Nate scoffs – I’m not a ‘personality’. You have a face people trust, Lily thinks it a chance for Nate to be a role model (and diversity is better for all of us; you can make a difference for millions of people) At the mention of Devon, Lily wants to move forward – say ‘yes’. Nate will think about it.

Amanda hasn’t been able to say a word. That’s because the angry woman doesn’t want to hear it. As a political family, people have tried to chip away at our power, position and money – which one of our enemies do you work for? Amanda doesn’t want threats, or money – she wants answers. My Mother claims she doesn’t have other children. You’re in for a rude awakening, Amanda just wants to know why she was given up. Has Naya ever told you about a cousin named Rose. No. Did she tell you she left college early? No. Amanda suggests the woman do some digging – she’s speaking the truth.

Early for a meeting (at TGP) Jack asks Sally to join him for a drink – and hears all about Summer leaving in a hurry. She and Kyle are headed to LA, Jack blabs that they’re meeting someone at Spencer Publications. They’ll be pretty busy. Sally bets they will be.

Billy and Kyle continue to argue as Lily arrives to ask if this is some sort of carpool. Yes, Kyle jokes that he’s rolling down the window and throwing Billy out over Iowa. This’ll be a fun flight, Lily tries to make light. Tell me about it, Summer mutters.

Bumping into each other at CL’s, Devon compliments Elena’s haircut. She’s taken his advice to heart – and is moving on. She’s still sorry she hurt him but can’t live with regret. Knowing she’s moved on with Nate, Devon won’t waste his time being angry. No, it has nothing to do with Amanda; he’ll try not to be jealous when he sees her out with Nate. Elena’s glad they talked – goodnight.

You seem smart; obviously protective of your Mother, but be objective – what con could I possibly be trying to pull? Amanda’s a respected attorney. One DNA test and your theory goes down the drain. I’m just trying to find out why my birth Mother gave me away. You had yourself scrubbed from the Internet – why? the angry woman has the means and connections to fill in those blanks. Yes, we ARE done here. I can ruin you, I’ve done it before, angry lady marches out. Stunned, Amanda leans out her doorway.

Jack wonders if Sally misses LA. Coming to GC was the right decision, she avoids answering. Getting a text from his dinner companion, Jack thanks Sally for keeping him company. It’ll be quiet at the office with Summer and Kyle away. Left to wonder what they’re doing in LA, Sally sends Summer a text – if you see the Spencer’s, say hi for me.