Thursday, January 7th, 2020

OMG, Summer groans – Sally knows where we’re going. She updates Kyle on their run-in. She’s watching my every move. Lily’s attempt to strike up conversation about the weather falling flat, she chuckles when Billy sends her a text – frosty in here. Summer turns to scowl and Kyle again announces his desire to toss Billy out the window.

Amanda’s summoned Devon to her suite to rant about Naya’s daughter not believing her. He gets why she’s angry but step back and think it through. Amanda has half a mind to force her newfound half-sister to back her threats up.

Nate’s delighted to return to Elena and champagne. She reports her run in with Devon – we wished each other well. Nate thought his news was good, but you win. He then explains that Lily asked him to be the face of a medical website ChanceCom’s buying. Educating millions of people on their health? Elena’s impressed – you could be famous; that’s hot. You think I’m handsome, is Nate’s takeaway.

Summer’s plotting on how to say 5 steps ahead of Sally; she assures Kyle that she won’t won’t underestimate her.

Lily gets a text from Nate – he appreciates her offer and is thinking it over. Billy’s sure he’ll say yes. When Summer asks why they’re going to Seattle, Lily can’t really say. Kyle and Billy again butt heads.

Elena takes a video of Nate’s health tips (he eats well, exercises and doesn’t treat his body like an amusement park) Give me some pizzas, Elena coaches – take off your shirt. Bow chicka bow wow – nice, she jokes – now, be yourself – can you recommend any cardio exercises? Nate can think of one done with a partner. It’s best if he demonstrates.

Devon fails to get Amanda to back off. Naya sent her child to handle her business; like when she let other people raise her twins. She thinks her privilege will allow her to get away with it. Naya doesn’t have to deal with you, Devon’s alarmed when Amanda grabs her coat – can I go with you? No, Amanda will finish it the way she’s lived her life – alone!

Amanda shouts at Naya’s door – open up before people start gossiping! You’ll be the talk of the town. She clams up when Naye opens the door.

Sally calls CoCo to confess that things aren’t going quite as well as she claimed – Summer and Kyle are on their way to LA – to meet with someone at Spencer Publications – what if she finds out what happened right before I left LA? What I wouldn’t give for a storm about the Rockies right now.

Over the intercom, the pilot asks his passengers to buckle up for some turbulence. The foursome look alarmed as they’re immediately jostled about.