Friday, January 8th, 2020

Whoa – Billy didn’t have an emergency landing due to a storm on his Bingo card. He confirms that Lily’s OK (but shaken) – as are Summer and Kyle. The pilot having reported that they’re in Colorado, the foursome must sit and wait to be rescued – ‘fantastic’.

From her doorway, Naya remarks – You shouldn’t have come. Amanda was left with no choice – and we both know it’s not true that you have ‘only one daughter, Imaani’. Neither of us expected this day to come, but now that it has, Amanda needs answers.

At Society, Vikki giggles over a video of the kids (sent by Hannah) She and Nikki both feel sorry for Chelsea – though Vikki doubts Adam needed help finding a specialist – he’s using Chelsea’s situation to wrap Dad around his finger – again.

Adam talks to an unresponsive Chelsea – he knows the physical therapy session was hard but Dr Cabbot is the best – Victor wouldn’t have sent her otherwise. You can do this – you just have to believe.

Phyllis gets a text from Kevin – can we meet? Nick strolls out of the bathroom doing his shirt up – he’s going to dinner with his Mom then home to Christian. And Phyllis? A little of this, a little of that – who knows what the night will bring (she replies to Kevin – this better be about what I think it is)

Summer and Lily referee Billy and Kyle’s bickering – let’s make the best of it and find a way to pass the time. A game – truth or dare.

Nick will see Phyllis later – be good. The coast clear, Kevin pops up. Phyllis demands the flashdrive. Knowing what he wants, she takes him upstairs.

Nikki’s not Adam’s biggest fan, but he almost lost Chelsea – your Father thinks this will be the wake-up call he needs. Vikki’s sure history will repeat itself (Adam will betray Victor)

Adam lets Chloe in. Hey there, I’m so happy to see you, she’s thankful Adam invited her over. Chloe and I have our issued but we both love you – Adam thought it would lift Chelsea’s spirits to see her best friend (yet she remains unmoved, so to speak)

Amanda isn’t going anywhere – why did Naya decide not to raise Hilary and her? Why did Hilary end up with Rose while she grew up in the foster system? I need to fill in the blanks in my life – you owe me that much, Amanda implores.

Lily was just joking about truth or dare – relax. The pilot announces via intercom that the storm is slow moving. Billy and Kyle step out for some air and to assess the situation. Thank gosh, are they always like that? Lily asks. Mostly, you know how family can be, Summer replies.

Amanda just wants to hear Naya’s story, then will leave her alone. OK, you win but Naya can’t risk her husband and daughter finding out – I’ll come to GC as soon as I can – I promise, she shuts the door.

Nick’s disappointed to find Vikki with their Mom at Society. I was just leaving, enjoy your meal, Vikki exits hastily. Nikki’s informed that his sister bought Phyllis’ debt – loaned her money to get the hotel back. Vikki took things too far, he won’t let it slide.

When Kevin refuses to be party to blackmailing Vikki, Phyllis admits it IS about revenge – and money (to repay Nick) Playing dirty will come back to bite you, Kevin’s saying no to protect Phyllis. He can’t hand over the flashdrive – he made it disappear.