Friday, January 8th, 2020

This isn’t the Kevin I know, Phyllis grumbles. You’ve changed too, Kevin lists all the good things in her life, and his – he’d be stupid to risk it all and so would Phyllis. Think of how would Nick react. Pay him back like normal people do; scheduled installments. Rise above it – like the phoenix this hotel is named after.

Chelsea blinks once for yes and twice for no, Adam leaves Chloe to confirm that he’s taking good care of her friend. Time for girl-talk, Chloe has just the thing to brighten Chelsea’s day.

They get under each other’s skin, but Summer observes that Billy seems less inclined to take Kyle’s bait – Lily clearly makes him happy and she’s happy for them – it’s nice to see you falling in love. Yes, that is what it looks like.

Lily and Summer bond over their respective relationships, though Summer makes things awkward when she slips up by saying she saw the appeal at one point – when Billy dated my Mom – a long time ago, she quickly covers. Lily’s fine with that – our history is what makes us who we are now. Summer’s reaction puzzles her slightly.

Chloe shares photos of Myles and babbles about him and Bella until she suddenly realizes that she’s not helping matters and is so sorry she tried to tell Chelsea how to live her life – you WILL get your life back. Cheers to a fresh start (Chelsea’s face is blank but she blinks once)

Faith’s at CL’s with Mariah when she gets a text – hey loser, why aren’t you at the party? Not invited or past your bedtime? Mariah’s alarmed when Adam strolls in, Faith’s furious to hear his plans have changed. Change them back! You don’t deserve to live in the same town as all the people you’ve hurt! she lashes out.

Nikki doesn’t condone what Vikki did but at least she sold Phyllis the hotel – she’s your sister; find a way to get past this. Nick’s firm with his Mother – you admit what Vikki did was wrong then make excuses for her – just like you do with Dad. That’s your prerogative but I’m not putting up with it.

Phyllis has an angel on one shoulder, a devil on the other. There’s an angel? Kevin’s surprised. What will it take for Phyllis to see that she’s already won?

Adam just wants to move on; he’s very happy for Sharon. Faith doesn’t care how he feels and neither does Mom. She’s on her honeymoon with Rey – she married a great guy and I hope she never has to see you again! After Faith storms off, Mariah tells Adam that he needs to go.

Billy returns to joke about Kyle being unable to keep up with the old guy. When Kyle appears, Billy has good news and bad for the ladies – which do you want first?

Amanda’s glad when Naya arrives at TGP. Yes, Naya would like to go upstairs for some privacy. Let’s get this over with, she says coldly as she clip-clops off towards the elevator.

Opting to hear the good news, the ladies are told that Billy and Kyle didn’t kill each other. The bad news? When they finally found a gas station, the guy said the nearest motel is 30 miles away. Settle in – it’s gonna be a long night.

When Nick shows up at TGP, Kevin escapes – leaving Nick to confess that dinner with his Mom didn’t go well – he told her he didn’t appreciate the way Vikki’s treating her. I’m standing by your side, nothing will change that. I’m so lucky to have you, Phyllis seems to have taken Kevin’s words to heart.

Back on the patio, Mariah counsels Faith – Adam’s not worthy of your enegry. Are you OK? Faith is OK – she just needed to vent. How about a brownie? Now alone, Faith sends Jordan a text – I need a friend.

Adam comes home for an update from the nurse – Chelsea went to bed after her friend left. Taking a seat, Adam reads, and ignores a supportive text from Victor.

In the suite, Amanda knows this must be difficult for Naya. Where do I start? At the beginning – Amanda wants to know everything.

My Thoughts: Ah – the old plan going down in a snowstorm in the middle of nowhere. If it sounds familiar, it’s because this isn’t the first time, nor the second or third. It’s the second time Lily’s been in a private jet that had to make an emergency landing. In 2015, she was with Jill, Collin, Devon, Neil, Cane and Hilary (after Neil found out that Devon and Hilary were in love) Adam and Sharon were also stuck in the snow after their plane crashed when they jetted off to Tahoe to elope. Many years ago, Nick was presumed dead for weeks after his plane crashed over Lake Michigan. Fortunately, a lady-doctor found him and nursed him back to health. You’d think a flight tracker or the jet disappearing from radar and a mayday sent to tower control would send first responders to the crash. Oh yeah – good ole Chuck. I guess Billy doesn’t think enough of him to invite him out into the cabin …. As usual, the huge snowflakes seen gently falling outside wouldn’t even be considered shovel-worthy to those of us in the Great White North….