Monday, January 11th, 2020

At home, Chance brings Abby some ginger ale and crackers. Not sure that she can keep anything down, she suddenly perks up at the thought that she might be pregnant.

In Amanda’s suite, Naya says that she’s sorry – I want you to know…. I’m trying to find the right words – you were a mistake.

Now dark, Kyle and Billy continue to go at one another until the foursome decides it time to try get some sleep.

Naya doesn’t mean to sound harsh but sometimes the truth is harsh. Her religious parents were furious that she got pregnant; they arranged the adoption. Rose could only take one baby (for a price) All ties were cut to avoid scandal. Naya was relieved all decisions were made for her, Amanda is told.

Kyle and Lily asleep, Billy congratulates Summer on running JVC – you’ll do great things. Summer’s impressed with his work at ChanceCom and that he’s in a relationship with the cool & smart Lily – don’t hurt her.

Chance is puzzled – I thought you were still on your ….. Abby is – but believing she’s pregnant, will take a test to confirm it’s not something she ate that’s causing her nausea.

Abby gets all dizzy when she tries to stand up too fast. Sure, the pregnancy test would be more accurate in the morning – but she’s not a patient woman. OK, Chance agrees.

After Naya went back to college, her family never mentioned the matter again. We were all doing well – you and your sister would be a threat to our happiness. I’m a good Mother to Imani – Naya sees no point in dwelling on the past. Your Father? He never knew I was pregnant and died a year after you were born. So, they’re both gone – Amanda bluntly informs Naya that Hilary’s dead.

Back on the jet, Billy does something uncomfortable, painful – and long overdue; apologizes for taking advantage of Summer’s feelings. She won’t pretend she was innocent, or that she wasn’t hurt. They exchange ‘thank you’s’ and take their seats – unaware that Lily overheard.

The storm over and the plane ready for take off, Summer goes to freshen up while Kyle goes to talk to the pilot. Now alone, Billy asks Lily if she wants to make out. No thanks – yes everything’s OK – she’s just worried about the acquisition. Billy’s talked to the CEO – everything’s fine. We’ll see, Lily clearly isn’t happy.

Refusing to let one negative pregnancy test get her down, Abby sends Chance to the drug store to buy another.

Amanda updates Naya that Hilary died in a car accident, like her Father. Rose is gone too. You can’t look into Hilary’s eyes but you can look into mine. Look at me – this is her face too! We weren’t there for each other – you robbed us of that! You missed out – Hilary was a star, a force of nature and I’m pretty damn amazing too! Naya cries – I wish….. Imani comes knocking – I warned you to stay away from my Mother, she growls.