Monday, January 11th, 2020

Imani rushes in to fuss over her Mother – did she hurt you? You’ve been crying. How did you force my Mother into coming here?! I’m calling the police. No, listen, I’m sorry – this isn’t a lie, Naya admits – this is my daughter.

By the time Chance comes home with a pregnancy test, Abby’s nodded off on the sofa.

The couples wish each other good luck on their respective trips. Be good, is Summer’s last advice to Billy. As soon as they’re alone, Lily asks what she woke up to hear Billy apologizing for. He confesses to sleeping with Summer after learning that Phyllis cheated on him with Nick.

All Amanda wanted was the truth and she got it. Naya’s sorry she kept this secret from Imani (who’s even angrier when Amanda empathizes with Naya) The furious young woman waits at the door as Naya apologizes to Amanda. What did you wish for? Amanda goes back to Naya’s interrupted thought. Mother, let’s go! Imani snaps impatiently. Amanda closes the door behind them without getting her answer.

What happened with Summer came at a low point in Billy’s life – he’s not sure how she can stand to be in the same space as him. She’s forgiven me (Phyllis and Kyle not so much) Lily doesn’t appreciate being kept in the dark – this is a huge shock. Billy doesn’t want to hide anything he’s ashamed of from Lily – I care about you.

Chance awakens to find that Abby’s awake too. She had another dream; something’s wrong with me – why is it taking so long? Up to a year is considered normal, Chance reassures. Abby grabs the test – let’s try this again.

Kyle and Summer arrive at their LA hotel room in the wee hours. She and Billy have made peace but Kyle won’t forgive him (for mistreating her) How will we kill the time? They race to the bed, laughing.

When Lily wants to focus on business today, Billy wonders if he should have lied about why he apologized to Summer – he’s scared ‘all this’ might go away. Lily’s not sure how she feels about him sleeping with Phyllis’ daughter – she needs time to process it.

The sun’s up and room service breakfast has arrived – but eager to start digging into Sally’s background Summer calls Wyatt Spencer – she’s in LA to discuss Spencer Publications and a few other things.

Abby comes down to whine about not being pregnant – we should both get checked and out to see if there’s anything we can do to speed up this process. OK, as usual, Chance agrees.

Amanda turns up on Devon’s doorstep in tears. I didn’t know where to go, she weeps in his arms.