Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Sharon and Rey are home from their honeymoon (in Miami). They’re about to do what honeymooners do when Mariah arrives with balloons, lots and lots of balloons.

Billy and Lily are back on the plane. After successfully acquiring askmdnow, she wants to get PR working on a press release. He’d rather talk about ‘us’ – Lily hasn’t looked him in the eye since finding out he slept with Summer. You used your girlfriend’s daughter, Lily’s clearly bothered. Summer’s moved past it – can you? Billy wonders.

At Devon’s, Amanda vents – what kind of Mother looks her child in the eye and calls her a mistake? Rose was apparently only given enough money to raise one baby. Maya looked heartbroken when hearing that Hilary was dead. Amanda’s heart broke too.

Lily knew about Billy’s past going into this – and she’s made huge mistakes too – but, this is … Billy explains that he’d just proposed to Phyllis when Sharon announced (at her wedding) that and Nick and Phyllis had slept together. Lily still struggles with what Billy did – but it explains a lot.

Amanda continues to relay her chat with Naya – I told her what a star Hilary was. She seemed sincerely sorry – but then Imani barged back it. Devon wonders what Amanda will do now – is she able to leave it be?

Faith and Nick arrive for brunch – the food? It’s all in the car. As the others go out to fetch the food, Sharon’s not happy to hear that Nick’s not taking Faith to school afterward.

Billy agrees that it was selfish of him to visit Lily in prison to tell her that Cane kissed Vikki. You act without thinking of the fallout, she gently scolds. It’s hard to hear but Billy knows Lily’s right.

*** I just realized I’m still posting under the year 2020. As if it’s a year anyone wants to cling on to :/

Naya said she had no regrets – then went on to live her happily ever after. Amanda can’t help but admire her honesty. Naya’s likely doing damage control at home right now. What do you want things to look like with her? Devon asks.

Sharon tells Nick and the girls that they enjoyed Miami – Celeste threw a feast to introduce her to the huge Rosales family. Getting a call from Paul, Rey needs to head to the station. Mariah needs to get back to the new job she loves. When Faith goes upstairs to do her homework, Sharon tells Nick that she’s overcompensating – what happened while I was away??

Faith didn’t break any rules – she’s a teenager; they keep secrets, Nick assures Sharon that their daughter hasn’t been drinking. He did learn something though; Faith was with Jordan both times she drank. Faith listens eavesdrops as Sharon continues to worry – we can’t just hope for the best.

Amanda doesn’t expect to have a relationship with Naya – she wouldn’t even have met me unless I forced her. Devon confides that he cut Tucker and Kay out of his life at one point. They later bonded over music (and he changed Devon’s life by curing his deafness)

Billy knows what he did was wrong – he’s lucky Phyllis and Summer were able to move past it. I’m ashamed, disgusted – he now worries that Lily’s rethinking their relationship. You’re right, she admits.

Lily was shocked by what Billy did – but can tell that he’s haunted and believes he’s being honest, and brave; two qualities she wants in a partner. Professionally or personally? Both. What happens now? he has to ask.

Amanda doesn’t want to get her hopes up re: Naya. Devon understands – he had high hopes for Tucker (who turned out not to be reliable) What does 7 year old Amanda want from Naya? he probes. She wants her Mother to love her more than anything in the world. Hilary had that, Imani had that – I’ve never had that, Amanda sniffles – what she needs right now is a distraction. You’re in luck – Devon has just the thing.

Nick doesn’t think Faith’s being bullied – her friends text her all the time. School’s going well. Maybe she’s still upset about the article on Adam? Sharon makes a strong case for therapy. I can’t lose another child. When you put it like that, Nick’s now onboard. Still listening, Faith is not.

Nick changes the subject – you look great, he compliments Sharon’s post-honeymoon glow. Asked about Phyllis, he claims they’re solid. He’s not sure how Chelsea’s doing and doesn’t care how Adam’s doing. Sharon shouldn’t worry about him either. After Nick leaves, Sharon summons Faith downstairs and offers her a ride to CL’s.

Lily and Billy got stuck in a snowstorm en route to Seattle, Amanda reports. Devon’s not so sure Billy’s the right guy for his sister. He’s a changed man, Amanda believes he’s serious about Lily (who’s smart and tough)

Billy’s relieved that Lily still wants to be in a relationship with him – she loves that he’s passionate but doesn’t want him to be reckless or use self-deprecating one-liners as a shield. Now, what would you change about me? she asks.

Billy has a few areas that could use improvement – be more spontaneous – take care of yourself as much as other people; be more selfish – and do you have to be right all the time? You also have an annoying habit of seeing the best in me, Billy never wants to disappoint Lily. She’ll take his concerns under advisement and agrees it time to celebrate their success in Seattle.

Mrs Rosales, Jordan guesses Sharon’s still getting used to her married name. Seated with Faith (as Sharon hovers nearby) Jordan jokes – are your parents sending you to rehab? No more parties? No, we have to be more careful, Faith replies.

No sooner have Devon and Amanda arrived at TGP when a man accosts her – Amanda Sinclair? Consider yourself served, he hands over an envelope.